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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company the Intinsky thermal company (169849, Republic Komi, Inta, street Proletarian, d. 13; OGRN 1104011520; an INN 1104011520) Emelin Evgenie Anatolevich (NP Association MSRO AU, Rostov-on-Don, street Coastal, d. 5) informs on carrying out of the repeated open auctions in the form of auction on sale of a debt receivable of the debtor in balance cost 33820906,84 rbl. Initial cost of a prize - 11474244 rbl.

the Auctions are spent in the electronic form 22. 08. 2011 in 15 - 00 Moscow time on ETP uTender in a network the Internet on a site http:// utender. ru. The auctions are spent on increase. A step - 5 %, the deposit - 10 % from the initial price of property. The form of giving of the offer on the price - opened.

for participation in the auctions it is necessary in time with 18. 07. 2011 on 19. 08. 2011 to make an application on participation in the auctions and documents applied on it on ETP in section of the spent auctions. On the demand are applied: an extract from EGRJUL (EGRIP), received not earlier than before 30 calendar days before application date; a copy of the document proving the identity and notarially certified copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax department for physical persons; the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant; the written decision of corresponding controls of the applicant, resolving acquisition of property if it is necessary according to constituent documents of the applicant and the legislation; the consent of the spouse () on property acquisition; For the foreign person - properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration of the legal person or the state registration of the physical person as the individual businessman according to the legislation of the corresponding state. The specified documents regarding their registration and the maintenance should correspond to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. The contract draught of purchase and sale of property and the contract on the deposit are placed on ETP in section of the spent auctions.

the deposit should be listed not later 19. 08. 2011. The information on the auctions, on property and demands acceptance is carried out to the address: Penza, Suvorov`s street, d. 111, of. 206, with 10 to 17 ch., except days off and holidays. Contact ph. 8 (841 - 2) 68 - 47 - 83.

Requisites for transfer of the deposit and property payment: Open Company the Intinsky thermal company An INN 1104011520, a check point 110401001, r/ with 40702810928160100416 in Komi OSB 8617 Syktyvkar, to/ with 30101810400000000640, BIK 048702640.

the Winner of auction - the participant who has offered the highest price. Summarising of the auctions is carried out on ETP at the moment of placing of the Report on results of the auctions in section of the spent auctions. The purchase and sale contract consists not later than 5 days from the date of signing of the report by results of the auctions. Term of payment for property - not later than 30 calendar days from the date of the contract conclusion. The organizer of the auctions has the right to refuse their carrying out not later 3 - h days before tendering date.