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Passengers of a capital underground will protect from falling on rails

At new stations of the Moscow underground there will be the obstacles separating a tunnel from a platform. In an underground management also have informed that by 2015 in the underground there will be a new line, it will connect stations Tretjakovsky and Business centre . An observer the Businessman Alexander Chernyh has told details to Dmitry Borisovu.
- which obstacles will appear in an underground, what for they are necessary?

are there will be protective plastic screens transparent, they will protect the tunnel from passengers who now stand on platform, wait an arriving train and, happens, fall on rails. The main architect of a capital underground Nikolay Shmakov has resulted recently interesting statistics. As he said for a year in a capital underground on rails falls more than 100 persons, that is actually more often, than once a week. With it it is necessary to do something, and such measure here has been suggested - to put special screens doors which will open at the train approach.

is at all stations will appear?

- Meanwhile it is known that new stations will be already under construction taking into account such screens. What to do with old stations, not so clearly. The underground management has not solved till now it.

the matter is that the old metro station is not only means of transportation, but also certain art objects. 44 stations are actually architecture monuments, and even it is legislatively forbidden to make any serious changes to them.

Therefore it is not absolutely clear how simultaneously to provide the raised safety of passengers and not to change historical shape. The underground management suggests public discussion to spend on this theme, and mister Shmakov has declared that here the will of the government as it will solve, most likely, will star, and will be.

- the government or the people?

- the Good question, but discussion anyway will take place.

- it is clear. As to new stations, how many it is planned to construct them? Whether there are already any figures under the budget, extents?

- By 2015 should lay 75 km of new lines, these are 35 stations. To 2020 it is necessary to lay 120 km of lines only. Was considered earlier that it will be prolongations only any existing lines on suburbs, but here today it became known that the new branch of underground will appear and in the centre, it will connect stations Tretjakovsky and Business centre . It is supposed that it will consist of 3 stations.

is an underground line?

- Yes. As far as it is known, yes.