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Vitaly Petrov has approved Lada Granta

the Russian pilot Formulas - 1 has visited at factory the Autovase Tolyatti and has tested Lada Granta Sport. The test - a drive has passed successfully, eyewitnesses speak, but the racer has told that to engineers still is over what to work.
the racer Formulas - 1 has promised to teach designers to do the Autovase cars. On Tuesday Vitaly Petrov has tested Lada Granta Sport. Tolyattis celebrate 45 - letie factory. And Petrov was one of the invited visitors. The test - a drive has passed successfully, the car was pleasant to mister Petrov. But, according to the racer, to engineers is over what to work. The editor of a site has informed on it Autoradio - Tolyatti Maxim Pljuhin.

It has distributed autographs to admirers, has communicated to people, has reached to proving ground the Autovase in Sosnovka and has swept on the present professional test track at the wheel sports Lada Granta, - he has told. - About the car has told good, and even the look at it was kind. Conversation went that design finds of technicians from Formulas - 1 it would be good to drag in due course on production the Autovase. Vitaly itself has sounded figures that, for example, the Renault team for ten years of work has introduced an order of 18 innovations in civil cars which descend from the conveyor .

the Racer Formulas - 1 Vitaly Petrov became the second known person who has tested new Lada Granta in business. Vladimir Putin was the first. It liked a luggage carrier. In particular, the prime minister has declared that there will enter pair of bags of a potato.