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ultra new day

the Norwegian terrorist Brejvik has appeared not for no reason: in Europe new right movements for a long time gain in strength. the power has studied political positions internatsionala nationalists.
representatives of the European political movements who can be designated the conditional term new right have hastened otkrestitsja for horrors of the Norwegian terror. However new right with all their internal paradoxes is that nutritious broth on which the Norwegian blond knave who undermined the centre of Oslo and has shot teenagers on island Utojja is adult.

From the beginning 2000 - h in the European Right-wing conservative camp there are system changes. Neo-fascist parties experience complexities with financing and number falling in the numbers, but near to them the independent groupings formed by a network principle gain in strength. Their members meet not at party congresses, and at forums on the Internet. Even visually they look absolutely differently: the smoothfaced nape, high black boots with a white lacing, baseball bat in a hand - leaves this image in the past.

at the same time gain in strength also influence new right, doing not wish to have a reputation for neo-Nazis. They position themselves in the paradoxical image - as not politically correct civil movements for democracy and freedom. The vivid example - Gert Vilders and its Party of freedom which have arisen in 2006, today the third on value political force in the Netherlands. The program of Vilders actually reduces to one thesis - down with Islam . In economy it the ardent liberal, and in foreign policy - the supporter of Israel. He adores to convict the world plot of the political correctness which ostensibly have arisen at the initiative of secret internatsionala left, and supports creation alternative internatsionala nationalists. our political duty - to keep our nation for our children - he has declared in the Berlin speech on October, 2nd, 2010. Thus as the nation are understood not only and not so much Dutches, how many Europeans. Created by the German supporter of ideology Vildersa Ren Shtadtkevitsem Partija of freedom - the partner equal in rights in the European new right movement opposing left the European Union and Proislamic the Bruxelles bureaucracy.

Vilders and its followers diligently evade from any charges in chauvinism, xenophobia and nationalism. there are no problems with Moslems, there are problems with Islam - has told as - that Vilders. In its opinion, a unique way to win Islam - to declare cultural and moral resistance, it was not necessary to undertake yet and the weapon. Among supporters of similar views, however, there are many radicals, ready to take up arms already now. According to statistics German pravoohranitelej, annually in Germany it is made about 2 thousand Cases politically motivirovannogo violence - street attacks, arsons of cars, collisions with police and etc. One half - on conscience left, another - on the account right.

the next tours Gerta Vildersa in Germany on September, 3rd, 2011 will take place. It is possible not to doubt: the hall will be full, and on the threshold of municipal elections in Berlin this action becomes the major political event for meanwhile weak German new right in their struggle for freedom and democracy - how they understand them.

but in the Scandinavian countries similar movements for a long time already a part of political establishment. The progress party in Norway (Anders Brejvik was which member till 2006 also) is main oppositional force and the party second for number in parliament. Party leader Siv Jensen does not hide pleasure when it name Norwegian Margaret Thatcher. Like the Dutch and German colleagues, the Norwegian new right concentrate on struggle with creeping islamizatsiej support military operations of Israel and suggest to deport the at fault foreigners and migrants - illegal immigrants. Thus they act, certainly, for increase in democratic freedom and a material prosperity at indigenous population.

in Sweden new right in 2010 under a label the Swedish democrats with Jimmi Okessonom at the head have typed 5,7 % of voices and have entered into parliament. And more recently, in the beginning of 2011, in the next Finland the party " has endured impressing success; True Finns headed Timo Sojni (from 19,1 % of voices they became the third in parliament).

Using network organizational technologies and simplifying the political programs, the new right represent itself as postmodernists from a policy, successfully enough mixing ice and a flame in one pre-election fist. But positions pravoekstremistov with easy mint smack any more do not arrange the most consecutive new right. Such, as Brejvik.