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Who has got in “ the list Magnitsky “

All in the list of Russians to forbid which entrance to the USA senator Benjamin Kardin offered, 60 persons appear. The first specifies Alexey Anichin, from January, 2009 till June, 2011 holding a post of the deputy minister, the chief of investigatory committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After its recent resignation it was informed that it has passed certification and will be soon appointed to another “ a responsible post “. In the list the Ministries of Internal Affairs, including two former assistants to mister Anichina - Oleg Logunov and Alexander Matveeva appear still 13 employees SK. Especially in the list the fault in  destruction of the lawyer of the inspector on especially important issues Oleg Silchenko, recently successfully passed certification is underlined.

eight figurants represent the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. Among them removed in 2009 from a post of the head of department on struggle against tax crimes Anatoly Mihalkin and the chief of the main investigatory management continuing service Ivan Gluhov. by the American senator two more employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - inspector GU on TSFO Nikolay Budilo and serving in Tatarii, and then passed in SK the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Urzhumtsev are accused.

In the list two employees of FSB
- the head of department " appear ; To “ (service of economic safety) Victor Voronin and its subordinated Alexander Kuvaldin.

the Investigatory committee is presented by four figurants, including Arcady Mazhaeva, which during investigation “ affairs Magnitsky “ headed management of remedial control in sphere of counteraction of corruption. Also three representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor,
among which assistant to the head of department Victor Grin are accused .

12 persons worked in the Moscow tax inspections N 25 and N 28. It including their heads Elena Himina and Olga Stepanova.

In the list four representatives FSIN appear : chief who has already lost a post of a pre-trial detention centre “ Butyrka “ Dmitry Komnov, the head “ Sailor`s Silence “ Ivan Prokopenko, answering in “ Butyrke “ for medicine Dmitry Kratov and Larissa Litvinova. Concerning two last are investigated cases and in the homeland.

the judicial case is presented by 11 figurants, including the vice-president of arbitration court of Moscow Margarita Zinurovoj. In particular, at once five judges of the Tver court of Moscow are accused of the illegal maintenance of the mister Magnitsky under arrest.