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Moscow gets out of networks

As it became known till the end of this year the government of Moscow can sell the of 12,54 % of actions of the Moscow telecommunication corporation ( Komkor enters into group Akado ) . Komkor the owner of one of the largest multiservice volokonno - optical networks in capital and the nearest Moscow suburbs, provides half of gain of group Akado the transaction on which purchase already in the near future plans to close the Megaphone .
About intentions of the authorities of Moscow to sell the of 2,67 % Komkora representatives of two estimated companies familiar with plans of the mayoralty have told. According to one of them, the tentative estimation of this package is already spent. One of officials in the capital government has confirmed this information, having added that mayoralty actions in Komkore can be exposed on auction in the end of November - the beginning of December. The interlocutor " However, specifies; the exact sum of an estimation of a package of a city in Komkore it will be known after examination which the department of property of Moscow (DIGM) in the near future should spend.

Besides, the of 9,87 % Komkora can sell Open Society Electronic Moscow (99,75 % belong DIGM), the official speaks. As the city owns remained package Komkora through Open Society to hold the auctions it is not necessary, the interlocutor " adds; . It explains that the auctions are obligatory in the event that actives which authorities own directly are on sale.

According to the official, in due time the mayoralty of Moscow became the co-owner Komkora to supervise the project Last mile (access to the Internet to the Moscow apartments, the project it was realised within the limits of the city program Electronic Moscow ) . Now, considering security of townsmen to the Internet, Last mile it is already irrelevant - the interlocutor " explains; .

In respect of the privatisation, confirmed by mayor Sergey Sobjaninym in December, 2010, a package Komkora does not appear. but to make changes to the plan - technical procedure - the interlocutor " speaks; . Yesterday in DIGM could not comment on a situation.

Open Society Komkor renders a telecommunication service in b2b a segment under a brand Akado a Telecom owns one of the largest multiservice volokonno - optical networks in Moscow and the nearest Moscow suburbs in the general extent of 18 thousand in km. Shareholders: Akado International Ltd (74,76 %, through a chain of an offshore of 58,18 %, belong Renove Victor Vekselberg, 41,82 % - to Yury Pripachkinu), Milroy International Invest Ltd (12,7 %), Open Society Electronic Moscow (9,87 %), department of property of the government of Moscow (2,67 %).

Komkor - one of the basic actives of a group of companies Akado . Following the results of 2010 its gain made 5,2 mlrd rbl., whereas a gain of all group - 10,56 mlrd rbl. In Akado do not make comments on plans of the capital government on an exit from a joint active, but in February of this year Yury Pripachkin declared desire to take these shares Komkora .

in the Summer of last year active negotiations about purchase of offshore Akado conducted a daughter Svyazinvest TSentrtelekom (since April, 1st it is attached to to Rostelecom ) . Akado then has been estimated in 18,7 mlrd rbl. ($609 million at a Central Bank rate at that point in time), or 10 EBITDA 2010 a minus a pure debt ($347 million). At the first stage TSentrtelekom was going to buy from owners Akado of 1,27 % of actions for 311,7 million rbl. and 23,73 % as a result of it dopemissii for 5,8 mlrd rbl., and also to pay the award at a rate of $120 million for operational control. On terms of transaction for end of first stage Akado should increase a share in Komkore to 87,46 %, and then according to the legislation to make the obligatory proposal on the repayment of the remained package at DIGM and Electronic Moscow . Otherwise resulted estimation Akado should correct.

negotiations Renovy and TSentrtelekoma have ended with anything. Now purchase Akado actively is interested the Megaphone . In the middle of July board of directors the Megaphone Considered the transaction, the source close to one of shareholders asserts that Akado it is expedient to get a maximum for $900 million taking into account a debt which, as he said, is estimated in the sum from $350 to $500 million As he said, the transaction it is planned to confirm already till the end of July. In the Megaphone yesterday have refused comments.