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The first cargo potjazhelela

the Historical background
the Considerable part of the large oil enterprises which have not entered in state Rosneft has been realised in a course mortgaging auctions of 1995. Controlling interest SIDANKO for $130 million has got ONEKSIM - to bank, 78 % of actions of YUKOS has received for $159 million MENATEP, 51 % of actions Sibneft has left for $100,3 million to Capital bank of savings and Joint-Stock Company the Oil financial company . Through mortgaging auctions many industrial actives became private also. In particular, auction on 38 % of actions Nornikelja for $170 million has won ONEKSIM - bank.

further the state has continued to get rid of actives at monetary auctions at higher prices. In 1996 ONEKSIM - the bank has paid for 34 % of actions SIDANKO already $700 million In 1997 has passed auction on sale of 40 % of actions of the multinational corporation which for $810 million have got to the companies the Alpha - groups and Renova . In 2000 the winner of investment competition on sale of a state block of shares of actions ONAKO (85 %) became the multinational corporation, bought it for $1,08 billion In 2002 74,95 % of actions Slavneft have been sold from auction for $1,86 mlrd Sibneft and the multinational corporation. In 2004 of actions of LUKOIL of 7,59 % remaining with the state have got American ConocoPhillips for $1,988 billion

the Most long there was a privatisation Svyazinvest begun in July, 1997 from sale at auction of 25 % for $1,875 mlrd to a consortium into which entered bank group ONEKSIM - MFK, IK the Renaissance Deutsche Bank, investment bank Morgan Stanley and George Soros`s investment fund Quantum.

in 2000 - h the largest privatisation transactions of a steel so-called national IPO . the First in July, 2006 it has spent Rosneft having placed 14,8 % of the capital for the sum $10,6 billion In February - March, 2007 the Savings Bank during IPO has managed to collect for 11,4 % $8,8 billion In April - May, 2007 VTB has placed 22,5 % of actions on $8 billion