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Valery Zamahaev will open the first plenarku gordumy Perm 5 - go convocation

the First session of a thought of Perm 5 - go convocation will open the deputy director of Open Society Permfarmatsija Valery Zamahaev, have informed in Perm gordume. According to the charter of Perm, the first session of a representative body is opened by the oldest deputy. It is 65 - summer g - n Zamahaev selected on district 33 and won protege an United Russia the deputy gordumy Sergey Titov. Is more senior g - on Zamahaeva there was only a deputy gordumy Perm Alexander Gimervert, but yesterday he has lost in the district 19 deputy directors of Open Society PZ the Machine engineer to Vladimir Manin.

the first plenarka should will take place in a current of the next two weeks. we are ready to spend it though tomorrow. We wait, when the municipal electoral committee will confirm results of elections - have informed in a thought. Election of the mayor - the head of a thought becomes a unique question in the agenda of the first plenary session of a thought of Perm of the fifth convocation.

G - n Zamahaev, most likely, will open it for the first and for the last time - further over a thought deputy Igor Sapko will supervise. The source in administration of the governor has declared that the authorities will support a nominee g - on Sapko: We do not do for a long time of this secret .