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Through Ukraine under the threat of failure

Ukraine has demanded fuel delivery in the property a part of the Russian pipeline passing through its territory. Russia with such desire does not agree and intends to stop fuel prorolling through the country. Experts consider that domestic export will suffer from it a little.
Russia can suspend fuel deliveries through Ukraine. transmineral oil has declared FM that gasoline and diesel engine export on the pipeline can stop from - for the conflict to the Ukrainian party. Ukraine wants to receive a part of a pipe passing on its territory in the property. Russia tries to protest this decision.

the suspension of deliveries is probable, however not earlier than in some weeks, the head of department of public relations " has explained; Transmineral oil Ilya Arhipov.

As a result of a recent judgement there can be such situation when activity nefteproduktoprovodnoj systems in territory of Ukraine will be suspended - Ilya Arhipov has confirmed.

We prepare now the appeal complaint, - Arhipov continues, - further all will depend on the situation decision in a legal field. During the further time, I hope, the stop will not occur. All - taki the oil pipeline has the high importance: provides transportation of oil products to the European consumers .

However, the European consumers will not strongly suffer from a suspension of deliveries: in - the first, it is bad quality products, in - the second, their basic part is delivered by railway transportation, the analyst of investment company " has noted; the Capital Vitaly Krjukov.

If to speak about those volumes of oil products which we export, this mainly bad quality fuel, - Vitaly Krjukov tells. - we in the European countries do not deliver gasoline. As a matter of fact, automobile fuel and poor quality. The basic volume of export of oil products is necessary not on produktoprovody, and on the railway: at us the basic volume, that is it more than 80 %, are the railway .

Earlier one of the Ukrainian courts of the first instance has decided that a pipeline part Samara - the Western direction is the property of Ukraine. The Russian party asserts that such decision is wrongful, as this dispute concerns a category of interstate relations.