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Moscow has cancelled a number of building contracts

the Moscow authorities after check of 270 investment contracts have decided not to build 1,3 million in sq. m of various real estate. Thus, as the assistant to mayor Marat Husnullin has informed, the city predicts growth of building of habitation in 2011 almost on 60 %.
Audit of investment contracts has begun with arrival by autumn of 2010 of new mayor Sergey Sobjanina instead of Yury Luzhkov sent in resignation. One of the cancelled contracts is the shopping centre project on the area of the Belarus station of developer AFI Development of Israeli businessman Lva Levaeva, Sergey Sobjanin has informed. We have agreed with the investor that we redeem this building. Any shopping centres there any more will not be, there there will be underground transitions and parking spaces - mister Sobjanin has told. Representative AFI has told Reuters on March, 24th that the company has found mutual understanding with a city on this question . The shopping centre area should make 30 thousand in sq. m within the limits of scale reconstruction of the area of the Belarus station. Other part of building - hotel and the multipurpose centres - remains at AFI, its area makes about 350 thousand in sq. m.