Rus News Journal

City of miracles

the Men in black round the clock protect five-ton lancet gate. Further - personal space of the most influential person in Marrakesh. Surprisingly, but behind five-metre walls there is nothing stunning. The selected travellers blest on visiting of the royal property, get through blossoming avenue to the magnificent garden which filled with singing of exotic birds and has been filled in with the sun. In hot day the florid path, moshchennaja rough raw marble, disappears in a shade of century olives and garnet trees.

when - that here there was the small small street conducting in medinu. Now is the private avenue which has become thanks to best maalems (masters) of one of most beautiful in Marrakesh. Taking suitcases, the silent footman will take away in one of 53 riad where each square centimetre is moulded, cut out, painted, covered by marble. Shady a patio, cedar musharabi, cool sparkling floors, shine zellizha on the polished walls, incrustations from nacre and an ostrich`s skin obviously specify in royal hospitality. The original Moroccan architecture is recreated in the smallest details, and it it is no wonder - after all the hotel in literal sense is collected manually by several hundreds the best masters which five years without a stop worked in shifts. Excessiveness does not push away, and on the contrary - all is executed with such taste and grace that on studying of each centimetre of three-storyed dwelling time a great lot can leave.

actually, in it the main idea of stay in Le Royal Mansour also consists - having crossed once a threshold of private residence, to remain here as it is possible longer, without leaving for its limits. In a tiny city all conditions for comfortable vacation are really created. Here two gastronomic restaurants from mishlenovskogo winner Jannika Alleno (high Moroccan cuisine and creative French), a confectioner`s shop where serve the best in the world milfej with Tahiti vanilla, huge spa - the centre (with authentic rituals) and privacy kilometres. The attendants of hotel are invisible, but appear from anywhere on the first call.

these people live in literal sense underground - for impressive army batlerov, cooks, gardeners and governesses the huge underground city with florid systems of tunnels and galleries is dug. Work in hidden from eyes of strangers an ant hill does not stop for a second. And all it - without breaking a privacy having a rest. Captivating medina causes only one desire - that time has stopped, having given the chance to become tipsy from careless easy life. That where excesses became for a long time norm and where absolute refinement is brought to perfection.