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My planet

I since the childhood raved travel. In a youth, especially in university years, has bypassed on skis all Soviet Union. Has visited and on Pamir, on Tjan - Shang, on Altai, on caucasus, Hibinah and even in polar Ural Mountains. In those days I very much would like to go to the Alpes but then anybody anywhere did not start up. And when began to start up, the passion in me has already ceased. Now it is possible everywhere, but it would not be desirable anywhere. I have absolutely cooled down to travel, I do not like to fly abroad. What a difference Russia. I love this country and Soviet Union, to be exact - its geographical component.

I now travel only on work. Here there is, say, a film festival is both business, and rest. Or I can go on a premiere of a new film where - nibud to Tomsk or Novosibirsk. From really favourite places - Nenets natural reserve, where so many beautiful lakes: turgojak, Big Miassovo, and woods and mountains too are divine. Reserve this mineralogical - all students - geologists passed practice here earlier. Baksan, all Prielbruse are not less fine Dombai. I remember these places since a youth. But now all as - that not so. Recently was on Dombai and has understood that romanticism of this place where - that has left.

the tremendous city of Odessa. For me it has special value, however, as, probably, and for all who is not indifferent to the literature. Odessa is sung by classics. Pushkin, Bunin... Remember at least a film the sail lonely " Grows white;. And I will repeat, there are no places better, than what were in territory of our Soviet Union. Odessa - one of such best places on this planet.

that to abroad I happened in many exotic countries: in Peru, in Brazil, in Argentina, in Uruguay, but most of all I was fascinated, strangely enough, by Bulgaria. In all country lives to less people, than in one only to the Russian capital. In due time I removed in Bulgaria Children of the captain of the Grant also has been fascinated by a variety of landscapes. That there only is not present: both jungle, and desert, both mountains, and surprising rocks, and the sea. I urgently recommend.

Africa has very much grasped. Has received huge pleasure from Victoria falls, a safari in Namibia - there simply mad kinds! Hunted on sharks in ice water of Atlantic ocean, showering heavy tackles it is far - far. Mine ulov - the big fish of one and a half metre.

and still I constantly think, why all speak about abroad? At many the strange and erroneous belief was generated, as if at us there is nothing to look. Why all want as there? We live in the richest country and if to tell about travel, about the nature, at us such huge variety! To me it is sad that people prefer to Altai Turkey, to Krasnoyarsk columns - street of red lanterns in Amsterdam.

Probably, all because the tourist infrastructure categorically is not developed. You can go days on road and not meet any decent small restaurant where it would be possible to eat or at least to drink a coffee cup. Abroad, actually, go not so much behind sights, how many in search of the best service. Our country for the present is interesting only to those travellers who are capable, having thrown a backpack for a back and having armed with tent, to go to the nature. It is a pity, certainly. But it would be desirable to believe that shortly something will change...