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Russia has suggested the Customs union to cancel cinema 15 - the percentage duty for import of digital film projectors for a period of five years. In this case film theatrical networks can save 10 - 15 thousand on each new hall that is very actual, considering the government requirement to double quantity of cinema halls in the country.
in 2010 in Russia 2245 cinema halls were. Thus all of them are concentrated in 137 cities of the country, and cities in Russia - more than thousand, and it only cities <...> By estimation to satisfy existing requirement, we should open still at least as much cinema halls. But also it will be time in three less, than in the developed countries - has quoted Interfax the statement of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin at session of the governmental council about development of domestic cinematography on February, 1st. By an estimation nevafilm Research 20,3 % of the population are not captured absolutely not by film display.

yesterday a subcommittee on it is customs - to tariff and not tariff regulation, protective measures in foreign trade of the governmental commission on economic development and integration under the chairmanship of the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov recommended to cancel temporarily operating 15 - the interest rate of the import duty on digital film projectors. Such offer in the beginning of February has brought noncommercial partnership the Film alliance (unites the largest film networks Karo the Film kinomaks etc.) . According to the report of the chairman of the board the Film alliance and the co-owner of concern Karo Leonid Ogorodnikova, it is offered to fix the zero duty for five years since April, 1st, 2011.

now, it is told on a government site, this question should be considered at session of the commission of the Customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, headed by the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov. The nearest session of the commission is planned for April, 7th, however in its summons such question yet does not appear. Earlier the offer has already been supported Ministry of economic development and trade, Ministry of culture, and also co-ordinated with Federal customs both antimonopoly services and Minpromtorgom.

the Digital film projector for cinemas - the main and most expensive element of an infrastructure of digital film display - mister Ogorodnikov explained. By data nevafilm Research Cost of a digital film projector taking into account custom charges and the VAT makes from 70 thousand to 100 thousand, depending on its capacity and a complete set. Thus, after cancellation of duties cinemas can save on purchase 10 - 15 thousand (at opening of 2245 new halls - 22,45 - 33,68 million). The general expenses in case of opening of a new hall from zero make not less 350 thousand, the head of one of film theatrical networks adds, and in case of re-equipment of an operating hall to expenses on a projector the server price - 20 is added only - 30 thousand Non-numerical projectors cost cheaper considerably - nearby 20 thousand, but as they have become outdated, practically nobody imports them, the general director of a network " marks; Sinema Park Sergey Kitin. By estimations of participants of the market, to the beginning of 2011 in Russia was all about 900 digital halls.

till now all state support was reduced to direct financing of producers. But a problem that the majority of the Russian films do not pay off - in many respects from - for insufficient penetrations of film theatrical networks into regions - mister Kitin explains. It proves to be true also the forecast of research company Movie Research: the increase in total of halls in the country to 5450 by 2015 will provide the general gathering of the film market at level nearby 75,3 mlrd rbl. (a gain on 134,6 % by 2010), and gathering of the Russian cinema - at a rate of 18,8 mlrd rbl. (a gain on 235,7 %).