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From the State Duma expel mini and

Deputies assure a decollete that anybody from women - colleagues and so liberties to itself does not allow though the stronger sex and is sorry in this respect. All - taki I the muzhik - the chairman of the commission on ethics Alexander Gurov has explained.
in the State Duma the interdiction on mini - skirts and a decollete is entered. There the original moral code for employees of the device is prepared. It defines norms of behaviour and fashion. To carry out it all employees - from secretaries to assistants to deputies should.

for example, it is offered to avoid, conflicts, roughness, scornful tone, arrogance, prejudiced remarks, a presentation of the wrongful, not deserved charges . It is recommended to concern journalists validly. The interdiction for smoking, except specially taken away place is separately registered. As to clothes in the code it is specified Official style which distinguish ofitsialnost, restraint, traditional character and accuracy .

the Deputy of the State Duma, the chairman of the commission on ethics Alexander Gurov notices that employees of the device and so do not allow an occasion to distract from work.

after all and before there were certain rules of a business suit, therefore in the State Duma in this plan an order. They go in dresses, in skirts of enough moderate length. Here went remembered with the driver and has not remembered any which would go in mini - a skirt under swimming trunks. Was not such! Did not see, though it would be interesting to look. All - taki I the muzhik. And also with the bared decolletes I did not see - the deputy has shared emotions.

behaviour of irresponsible employees will discuss on the special commission. But vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Svetlana Zhurova is assured that before will not reach.

Well it that young assistants and employees of the State Duma who will come, they knew that there are such rules. Also there can be it even more for new people. Nobody will bring matters to the commission. It is unpleasant to any person, when it cause on a carpet and moralize. Therefore most likely, I think that will be simple enough the banal remark, probably, as well as now. It is more such pugalka : if someone such malicious infringer, listens to nobody, it simply take and will dismiss - considers Zhurova.

In the near future the code, possibly, will be signed by the speaker of the State Duma. After that all employees of the device should familiarise with it.