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FNS has missed the VAT Monitoring

According to the data of Federal tax service published yesterday (FNS), in January - February, 2011 in the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation has arrived 1,108 trln rbl. is on 13 % more than was in first two months 2010. Basically (on 84 %) the sum of receipts of the beginning of 2011 has developed at the expense of four taxes - the VAT (282 mlrd rbl.), NDPI (287 mlrd rbl.), the tax to incomes of physical persons (240 mlrd rbl.) and the profit tax (123 mlrd rbl.) . We will remind, VAT and NDPI make a basis of the federal budget, surtax and the profit tax - regional.

apparently from the schedule, the VAT obviously drops out of an overall picture of confident growth of gathering - its receipts remained at level of last year (0,5 % are collected even on 2 mlrd rbl., or, it is less). In FNS it explain growth of the sums of compensation of this tax. It in January - February, 2011 has increased from - for export growth, and also on following technical to the reason. Since the company second quarter 2010 began to receive compensation much faster, than earlier. Then has been entered zajavitelnyj an order of return of the VAT at which, having secured with a bank guarantee, it is possible to return the tax not later 11 - go day after declaration giving (earlier on it left not less than four months). Therefore since April, 2010 of the VAT it is actively compensated in first two months of quarter - one year ago this feature yet was not.

surtax Receipts in January - February, 2011 have grown no more than on a rate of inflation (plus of 10 % by the comparable period) - incomes of citizens on - former grow slowly. But profit tax receipts, dramaticheski fallen in 2009 - 2010 from - for decrease in the rate of this tax with 24 to 20 % and from - for sharp deterioration of a financial condition of the enterprises, now roughly grow. In January - February, 2011 of this tax it is collected at once on 68 % more than year before. Pre-crisis levels of gathering under this tax while are far - however, from - for decrease in the rate they are hardly achievable.

not so it is essential, but too receipts NDPI rather considerably grow. Its gathering in January - February, 2011 besides to the period of 2010 have grown on 26 %. It speaks comparable increase of the price for oil - from $74,6 in December, 2009 - January, 2010 to $91,8 in December, 2010 - January, 2011 (growth on 23 %). From - for stable growth of the oil prices for the first time for the postcrisis period gathering NDPI have exceeded level of 2008 - in January - February, 2008 of this tax has been collected on 263 mlrd rbl., now - 287 mlrd rbl.