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antimonopolshchiki have declared war to expensive gasoline

FAS wants to limit in regions development of the large fuel companies to bring down the prices for gasoline. According to experts, it can help independent operators.
FAS has thought up how to bring down the prices for gasoline. Antimonopoly department has developed the bill which will forbid the companies to develop gas station networks in regions where their share exceeds 25 %. The Same concerns also the enterprises owning storehouses.

however, first the initiative can lead to occurrence of small networks which will actually belong all to the same large operators, the head of department of analytical researches " considers; Capital University Dmitry Aleksandrov.

naturally, will try on gas station networks, on regional bases to locate the companies which formally will not be connected with large operators, - Dmitry Aleksandrov argues. - here still there will be a question affilirovannosti: What to consider affilirovannnostju and as it, main thing, to supervise. That is too will be studied and finished for certain. That is, if the given bill is approved, and it, most likely, will be, practice of its application will show, where there are basic bottlenecks .

the Interdiction for expansion of large players will allow, first of all to develop to small private enterprises, the analyst of the company " is assured; Alor Invest Dmitry Ljutjagin.

the Most probable will be all - taki increase in presence of so-called independent operators of the gas station which would buy fuel at a stock exchange or any image directly, - Dmitry Ljutjagin assumes. - But me development of any independent retail " sees in a greater degree;.

Offered FAS the bill assumes that the transaction made in infringement of its requirements, will be considered as the void.