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Today`s number

75,2 million the person, or 53 % from all population of Russia, has made number of economically active population in February, 2011, has informed Rosstat. Statvedomstvo to economically active population carries as occupied in economy, them in February was 69,5 million persons, and the unemployed, 5,7 million persons, at the age from 15 till 72 years on methodology of the International organisation of work. Number of the citizens occupied in economy, despite seasonal fluctuations, some years before crisis had positive dynamics: so, with 2000 for 2008 number of economically active population has increased on 3 million persons, the peak of the greatest number is fixed in August, 2008 - 76,6 million persons. Before crisis the economy substantially grew in the Russian Federation at the expense of employment: by estimations of economists, growth of employment before crisis led to economic growth from calculation 1 % of employment increases gross national product by 1,3 % . Crisis and, as consequence, high unemployment have resulted as a whole in stagnation of number of economically active population, follows from given Rosstata.