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The president of Ingushetia has supported agents of national security

Yesterday the president of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov has supported actions of the agents of national security who have dispersed the day before unapproved meeting in Nazran. He named organizers of meeting rascals which have provoked collisions with pravoohraniteljami. Experts say that prosecution of mister Hazbieva and its supporters will lead to occurrence in republic real antievkurovskoj to opposition.
the head of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov has supported yesterday actions of local agents of national security which the day before force have dispersed unapproved meeting in which the leader of the Ingush opposition of Magomed Hazbiev has taken part in the centre of Nazran. we in republic do not have any aggravation of conditions, and there are rascals whom, having organised so-called meeting, tried to draw to itself attention and have shown resistance to law enforcement bodies - mister Evkurov of action of mister Hazbieva has commented and its supporters who demanded from the authorities to achieve clearing illegally, according to the participants of the action, the detained people.

we will remind, disappearance local resident Ileza Gorchhanova became on March, 21st an occasion to protest action carrying out. Its relatives, assured that it is grasped by republican agents of national security, have blocked on March, 23rd a highway in the centre of Nazran. Mister Hazbiev has joined participants of the action with the supporters. Attempts of law enforcement bodies to release a line have ended with collisions of police officers with holding a meeting. Some participants of meeting, including mister Hazbiev, have been beaten and detained. As a result five participants of the action have received for five days of arrest, and Magomed Hazbiev - ten days.

similar meetings and slogans are in the present state of affairs natural, in Ingushetia kidnappings proceed. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia should tell that they qualify as mass riots. When some tens people have gone out of doors with peace requirements, there were with posters, it not mass riots, and carrying out of peace meeting - Tatyana Lokshina has commented on events in Nazran the assistant to the head of the Moscow office of international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch. Yesterday representatives of EuroParliament have become interested in business of mister Hazbieva also. In particular, explanations from the Ingush officials concerning detention of the oppositionist has demanded the secretary of the head of subcommittee under EuroParliament Hejdi Hautala human rights.

In my opinion, mister Evkurov repeats errors of Murata Zjazikova (the president of Ingushetia in 2002 - 2008. - ) which tried to suppress opposition rigidly. Than it has ended, it is known - has declared yesterday the head of the research centre SK - strategy Abdulla Istamulov. He is assured that prosecution by the authorities of mister Hazbieva and its supporters can lead to occurrence in republic real antievkurovskoj to opposition.