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Country leaders ratings have reached a historical bottom

Ratings of approval of the country leaders in March have reached a six-year minimum. According to poll spent Levada - the centre 18 - on March, 22nd, work of the president 66 % of Russians approve that on 3 % there is less than result of last month. The rating of approval of work of the prime minister has decreased to 69 % from February 73 %. This deepest falling of ratings since July, 2005 - the deputy director " has noted; Levada - the centre Alexey Grazhdankin, having added that the previous minimum has been connected with a monetization of social benefits. in due time Putin promised to double gross national product, and now no purposes are present. Incomes of the state of the high prices for oil grow, and the population do not reach. All it gives the grounds for vague discontent - mister Grazhdankin has explained. Together with it quantity of respondents which consider that affairs in the country go today in a wrong direction (42 %), for the first time has exceeded number of those who believes that the country moves on a right way (40 %). The director Levada - the centre the Lion of Hooters has noticed that concern has reached for the first time the population well-to-do . In its opinion, falling of ratings gets steady character. the basic fear on - former there is an inflation which impetuous growth causes the increasing discontent with the power - he considers. Thus 40 % interrogated believe that the present government cannot achieve in the near future changes to the best. A rating an United Russia also has fallen to 3,5 % in comparison with February and has made 56,5 %. Despite it, mister Grazhdankin believes that though falling of ratings and can increase social expenses of the power on the eve of elections, the alignment of forces in the power will not change. All the same 66 - 69 % approving are much to all international measures - he has noted.