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Oil industry workers have put before division

Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) wants to legalise compulsory division or sale of a part of the gas station of the petrocompanies dominating in the regional markets. It can result from the first unitary infringement of the new law which was prepared by service. Such measures can break developed market and complicate development of networks of the gas station of oil industry workers.
yesterday FAS has presented the bill About a turn of oil and oil products in the Russian Federation (is more detailed about other bill of service connected with the market of oil). According to the assistant to head FAS Anatoly Golomolzina, the bill it is sent on the coordination in all interested departments - Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, Ministry of Economics and Federal Agency of the financial markets.

the basic initiative reflected in the bill, - an interdiction to the petrocompanies to occupy more than 25 % of the regional retail market by means of acquisition of the new gas stations or sites under refuellings. Such offer FAS has published one year ago but then spoke about a dale in 35 %. Now FAS not only has lowered a lath, but also has established sanctions for law infringement.

According to the bill, the transaction which has been carried out with infringement of the law, that is attempt of the dominating company to expand a gas station network in the same region, automatically admits insignificant. Thus any interested person, including FAS, can demand through court of additional punishment. The court has the right to make the decision about compulsory division of the managing subject or allocation from its structure of one or several organisations with their subsequent sale not entering into a group of persons with the dominating organisation to buyers. To sell the property the company during half a year is obliged. Thus, unitary infringement can reverse historically developed alignment of forces in the regional market of oil products.

the New law also forbids players dominating in the market to combine wholesale and retail trade in gasoline, diztoplivom and aviakerosene, that is the same legal body cannot be engaged in these kinds of business simultaneously. It should help FAS to supervise the prices (about other positions of the bill see the inquiry).

According to service, now more than in 50 subjects of federation the share of the petrocompanies in retail exceeds 35 %, and in every third region makes 50 - 60 %. Rosneft LUKOIL - in 11 regions, " dominates in 15 regions; Surgutneftegaz - in 4, the multinational corporation - VR and Gazprom oil - in 3 everyone. In 20 regions independent players dominate. In the petrocompanies have refused to discuss the bill. In Ministry for the Power Generating Industry have informed that study the document, but the further comments have refused.

director IATS Cortes Pavel Strokov believes that the bill There is enough general also will demand weight of additions and podzakonnyh certificates which will clear a number of separate situations . In Russia competitive regions are valid few, but it is caused by many reasons, basically presence of the petrocompany at separate region, that is presence at it there infrastructures, the expert speaks. Offers FAS, in its opinion, will break developed market, and it will be difficult to companies to be reconstructed on new conditions. However nobody wants sanctions therefore they should consider wishes FAS at drawing up of plans for development, the expert adds. Grigory Birg from Investment cafe considers that requirements FAS will brake development of retail networks of the petrocompanies. Though, the analyst adds, it can stimulate them to an exit on the new markets.

FAS wants to oblige owners of storehouses of fuel (except storehouses of a state reserve and being in the federal property) which capacity exceeds 25 % from the general capacity of storehouses in region to render services in storage of fuel for all on not discrimination conditions. Also within the limits of development of exchange trade by oil products of service in oil transportation should be given in a priority order to those who buys oil and oil products at a stock exchange. Besides, the bill obliges the petrocompanies to open the information on volumes of the extracted oil and the rests on the oil storages, the made oil products, their rests on NPZ and tank farms.