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The ministries argue on the award

Ministry of Economics supports the sharp increase in excises offered by the Ministry of Finance at alcohol, tobacco and NDPI on gas, but opposes triple decrease in the so-called amortisation award initiated by this department under the profit tax. Elvira Nabiullina who has commented on budgetary offers of financial department yesterday has informed on it the head of Ministry of Economics.
dispute of Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Finance on what should be the budget in intermediate term prospect, modernizatsionnym or sufficient, was enriched yesterday with new arguments. Elvira Nabiullina has commented on the preliminary offers formulated by the Ministry of Finance on increase in incomes of the federal budget on 2012 - 2012 on 1,9 trln rbl. we Support completely offers on increase of excises on tobacco and alcohol, but concrete parametres need to be specified, as well as regarding NDPI on gas. It is necessary to estimate from the point of view of quantitative - has declared the minister. As she said, offers of the Ministry of Finance are received and studied, but while about the official conclusion on them speeches do not go.

the Ministry of Finance preparing the annual directions of a tax policy on nearest trehletku has suggested to lift four times for three years excises on alcoholic production and more than twice - on tobacco. Besides, more than twice and since 2012 it is offered to lift rate NDPI at gas production. One more offer - return to pre-crisis value of the amortisation award. Since 2009 of the enterprise can reduce the profit tax at the expense of reference by expenses not 10 %, as earlier, and 30 % of cost of new basic means. Now the Ministry of Finance wants to return the size of the award to former 10 %.

we Will notice that under excises and NDPI the Ministry of Economics could not disagree with offers. Department now itself suggests to lift loading on manufacturers of alcohol and cigarettes in exchange for decrease in insurance payments for small-scale business, as to raskulachivanija Gazprom it is old dream of the ministry. And here the amortisation initiative of the Ministry of Finance has been apprehended by madam Nabiullina in bayonets. the offer on decrease in the amortisation award with 30 to 10 % it is not supported, it is important for economic activities - has declared the minister, having added that the Ministry of Economics will discuss this question with the Ministry of Finance and hopes to find the optimum decision. We will remind, what exactly the Ministry of Economics in the end of 2008 has achieved award trebling, moreover, at the height of crisis, in April, 2009, it suggested to lift its size once again - with 30 to 50 %.

we Will note, however, that rigidity of offers of the Ministry of Finance can be in many respects an auction element: Necessity to increase tax loading on economy in 2012 is caused basically by necessity to find means on innovative modernisation and Dmitry Medvedev`s other initiatives. Probably, public dispute on vodka, tobacco and gas urged to show to the president and the real price of a question, and social consequences of similar decisions - for the sake of returning to conversation on reduction of budgetary expenses inflated by the ministries.

while the ministries argue on the preliminary intentions, the alcoholic companies on news from the Ministry of Finance already lose in the price. So, actions second-large in Russia the alcoholic company the Synergy (trade marks Russian ice Beluga) have fallen in price on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange at once on 3,3 % at growth of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on 1,4 %. Actions of the largest manufacturer of vodka - Central European Distribution Corporation (owns in Russia GK Russian alcohol - brands Green mark Cranes . Parliament, etc.) on NASDAQ yesterday have decreased on 1,2 %.