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Russia will test the American atomic power stations

Rosatom carries on negotiations with the American companies for possibility of creation of joint venture on technology of dry container storage of the fulfilled nuclear fuel (OJAT) on the atomic power station. The head of state corporation Sergey Kirienko has told about it yesterday at a meeting with representatives of business circles of the USA. It has not excluded that after stress - tests of the Russian atomic power stations Rosatom will refuse from so-called wet pristantsionnyh storehouses OJAT and will pass to the American technologies of container storage.

it is a question of the second turn of cooling of the fulfilled fuel (originally OJAT it is unloaded from the reactor in pool on the power unit, after a while it is transferred to the general pool at the atomic power station which can be replaced by dry storehouse). Mister Kirienko did not name the company with which negotiations are carried on. But has specified that Russia has agreed with the American colleagues about interaction at carrying out stress - atomic power station tests in both countries. It is a question as of the coordination of requirements to nuclear stations, and about joint participation of experts of two countries in such stress - tests.