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Casual communications

One of these days I have got acquainted with a new operating system for smart phones Windows Phone 7. The principle of the organisation of the contact information has literally amazed me - it is not necessary to import or create anything, it is enough to enter once into the mail on Gmail or Facebook that the database under an outset was filled with contacts of people which you when - that saw, heard, with whom at least time corresponded: classmates, schoolmates, army friends, fellow workers. Remember, there was such concept, as " earlier; city telephone directory they lay on regiments of all telephone automatic machines - in Europe and the USA simply were based upon regiments, in the USSR have been chained to it by chains (that, it is necessary to tell, in any way did not rescue from larceny). Access to them was at all interested persons, call - I do not want! But people especially did not use them: to whom are numbers of those whom you do not know necessary? The overwhelming majority preferred notebooks where accurately a pencil surnames of friends opposite to alphabetic zakladochek registered. Also were happy, because what page open - entirely familiar names. The new smart phone has appeared huge Soviet telephone directory from a box in five minutes of work: I have seen in the contacts of thousand surnames, half from which about what did not speak.

that is surprising, creating similar system, in Microsoft operated in our, user, interests. When the database of contacts is created without participation of the user, it is convenient and correct. It we were dismissed - we add in friends on the automatic machine, old mail on Gmail we do not delete, acquiring as a result a ballast of senseless acquaintances. Has Perhaps, come it is time to reflect about casual communications ? And, yet late, to refuse them? Because the further in wood, the more terribly...