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Lieutenant colonel GRU forwarded girls

Jurymen of the Moscow district military court yesterday have finished verdict announcement on the case of sale in sexual slavery of 97 girls from the CIS. Business has received wide publicity as lieutenant colonel GRU of the Joint Staff Dmitry Strykanov helping appeared in it, under the version of the investigation, to make out on girls the Russian international passports. From 101 episodes made to the lieutenant colonel jurymen recognised only five, having justified in participation in the organised criminal community (OPS). From other figurants has put jurymen also have removed the majority of charges, recognising as organizers OPS of the citizen of Israel Avi Janaju and Muscovite Igor Slesareva. Two defendants have been justified completely.
Jurymen should answer 2726 questions. Verdict announcement has occupied from them about three days. Such unprecedented quantity of questions to assessors has been connected by that to 13 defendants sale was made sexual slavery in total 97 young women from the CIS countries and Russia. As followed from business materials, with 1999 for 2007 malefactors managed to take out illegally to Israel, Italy, Germany, Greece, Holland and Arab Emirates, having sold in sexual slavery, 129 women (traces 32 from them it was not possible to find to a consequence). Basically it there were inhabitants of Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. According to the investigation, members of criminal group at first placed false advertising in mass-media, promising to young girls free departure to Europe for work as nurses, waitresses and saleswomen. At those who expressed desire to go abroad, at once took away documents. And in Europe girls were met, according to the investigation, by accomplices Moscow brigades Which explained to victims that before to receive the promised post, they should compensate the expenses incurred by firm on official registration of papers and road. As a result kontraktnits sent on the panel. But the earned money hardly sufficed on meal and habitation payment, from - for what working off a debt it was tightened for years.

in March, 2007 the majority of prospective participants of criminal group have been detained by the Moscow field investigators. Among arrested persons there was also lieutenant colonel GRU Dmitry Strykanov whom at first have accused of the organisation of criminal community. However it was during the investigation found out that it basically promoted in registration of international passports and visas. In total on business passed 13 persons - citizens of Russia, Moldova and Israel. In particular, the group included Israeli Avi Janaja owning in Moscow suburbs the company on manufacture of oil filters, the citizen of Moldova Vadim Stojan and Russian Igor Slesarev as whom the consequence considered as organizers of criminal community.

from the verdict text followed that from all criminal episodes, GRU Strykanovu made to the lieutenant colonel, jury recognised proved only five. Thus assessors have dismissed from it charge in participation in criminal community. As the lawyer of lieutenant colonel Ruslan Zakaljuzhnyj has specified, guilt of its client was it is literally pulled out by charge with overweight unanimously as seven its jurymen recognised as guilty, and five - are not present (at equality of voices of the defendant justify). Also charge in criminal community has been removed from Vadim Stojana. Two defendants - Yury Frolov and the head of travel agency Rodion Mashik - have been justified completely. Assessors also have removed the most part of episodes from other participants of grouping, having considered proved only from 10 to 20. And the greatest number of the proved criminal episodes the decision of jurymen remains at Igor Slesareva - 30.

On Wednesday discussion of legal consequences of a verdict which, according to lawyers, also can occupy some days will take place. Then the judge will pronounce a sentence.