Rus News Journal

At customs

the past days the Russian customs officers could behold again rather motley picture which was shown by the import goods. Optimistic this cloth, it is necessary to tell, has not grown dull at all by a weekend. After examination any goods, better, will go to firm and currency shops, other will openly be splashed out on streets of the big and small cities. In most cases quality of this production is that that the Russian consumers, as they say, should make a notorious choice between Pontiem and Pilatom .
these days on customs posts of the Moscow region have passed examination cargoes with the foodstuffs, delivered in the Russian capital from China. First of all Chineses have taken care of our rising generation, having sent in capital more than 48,5 t baby food. For the persons belonging to already grown up generation, and also possessing stronger stomach and life experience, intended 11 t Chinese hot dogs . Under this name, certainly, it is not necessary to understand literally a traditional delicacy of citizens celestial empire . In this case it were preserved hot - dogs, that is sausages in the test. So too passionate fans of dogs should suffer a little to the following time. And in present time from China the bed cotton linen (7,4) which was added with female warm jackets (10,6) and raincoats (4,5), and also 12,7 t man`s coats, among other things, has been delivered. Thus, who - who, and the Russian in the Chinese coat will be now enough outstanding public figure in streets of domestic cities. Have passed customs inspection and 14 t jumpsuits and 5 t children`s sports footwear. Some time also the Chinese colour TVs in number of 14,5 t later have been registered.
unusual enough cargo has arrived the last days on a customs warehouse of the joint venture Molkom (ph. 515 - 10 - 02) from Germany. It consisted of installation for space researches (0,8). Besides, one more party has been delivered to a warehouse from Holland kserokopirovalnoj technicians of firm Rank Xerox (11). Germany, in turn, has sent to Russia and that is easier - 8 t than various foodstuff and 5,5 t leather footwear.
did not wish to concede to China and South Korea, whence to Russia has arrived 7,1 t synthetic threads. Threads the numerous television technics (11), telephone sets (2,5), microcalculators (2,8) and spare parts to the personal computers accompanied, firms Samsung addressed to capital representation. Turkey, in turn, has set Russia of the pepper which cargo has made 12,4 t. Strong Turkish tobacco (24) accompanied also cargo of coffee (15,6), not less strong, than aforementioned tobacco. Northern the neighbour of Turks, Azerbaijan, has sent in limits of the Moscow region nearby 3,5 t chemical preparations. Sent preparations and India, but not so chemical, and medical. Them have counted nearby 5 t. The future will show, whose production - chemists or pharmacists will render the most invaluable service to mankind. Have visited on capital customs posts and 5,6 t it is repair - building materials of the Yugoslavian manufacture which for certain will find worthy application on building of the next office or five-stars hotel. Finland too has sent building materials, but several times it is more - 24,7 t. Such difference can be explained that Finns, unlike Yugoslavs, do not waste time for nothing on finding-out of internal political questions by the armed way. And the Moscow customs officers have worked at the Finnish paper of a format And - 4 which quantity has made 20 t, and also over 4,5 t spare parts to lorries.
judging by customs reports, are going to increase shortly deliveries of production and the United Arab Emirates. This day in the Moscow region has arrived, as exhibition samples, nearby 6,1 t consumer goods (clothes, footwear and electrohousehold appliances) and foodstuff, including confectionery. As to serving customs posts they have done the utmost that the goods from the United Arab Emirates have somewhat quicker got on capital territory, however their definitive recognition will already depend on severe court of the Russian consumers.
customs officers of St.-Petersburg too have received many fresh impressions for the last days. Latvia, for example, has sent here three minibuses of mark RAF, and one already has had time to taste all delights of Baltic and Russian ways - roads. Great Britain has sent to St.-Petersburg party of autotire covers (4,6), untried and not tested, to general pleasure, in England, where - nibud still. During the same moment it has been fixed 7,6 t the personal computers which have arrived from Finland in pleasant community with monitors (2,4) and printers (1,8). Besides, from Finland it has been delivered also 12 t to office furniture. Did not forget about citizens of St.-Petersburg and Denmark, having forwarded to their 4 O address of a fruit syrup and 19,8 t chocolate products. Austria, also without wishing to strike the person in a dirt, has pleased the Russian society with bright photowall-paper (2,6) and household refrigerators.
from St.-Petersburg wood (60), and to Bulgaria - party of nails (30) has gone to Finland.
Employees of the Sochi customs post have noticed for a long time already that from the next Abkhazia, instead of traditional tangerines, try to take the weapon and ammunition more and more. Here and this time customs officers have not been surprised by that the Abkhazian citizen has intended to enrich and without that rich Russia two more automatic machines AK - 74.