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The Russian businessman has gone on hunger strike

Kim Jong II`s Instructions are not realised

Yesterday 37 - summer Russian businessman Michael Sochenko declared a sit-down strike and hunger-strike in a building of the External economic committee of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in Pyongyang. On such unprecedented in socialist Northern Korea its action was pushed with despair: firms the Throne and Magma trading which representative it is, cannot receive money for the large party of fertilizers for a long time put in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

Firms the Throne and Magma trading have concluded the contract with North Korean firms JUsek and Samchhonli which should make calculations still half a year back. However JUsek has declared that the debt in $500 thousand cannot pay. Debts Samchhonli makes about $363 thousand
In view of absence in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea of arbitration court and subordination of all firms to the state structures Sochenko has sent letters to high party and administrative instances, having expressed the request for assistance, however the answer has not received. Beating out payments, Sochenko has spent to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea all the December long last year.
the businessman is three weeks in Pyongyang. Having arranged in one of rooms of the External economic committee located at a central square of a name of Kim Ir of Hay, the businessman has declared that its case far not the individual. G - n Sochenko has called the Russian businessmen especially beginning, for care. Anyway, as he said, style of work of the Korean firms should not remain without attention. G - n Sochenko has declared that at it patience will suffice and it will be here to victorious defending a principle of respect of economic interests of partners. It is curious that in a room where Sochenko sits, the poster with the citation of the second person in the country - " hangs; favourite head Kim Jong II (son Kim Ir of Hay) - that the foreign trade workers should make in due time payments to other countries and not undermine trust to themselves .
In embassy Korean It is national - Democratic republic comments concerning this incident to the correspondent have refused.