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Tour of Hasbulatova across the CIS

Hasbulatov has begun struggle for Commonwealth

Departure of the chairman of the Supreme body of Ruslana Hasbulatova in tour on the countries
the CIS and the reference of president Boris Yeltsin to heads of the states-participants
Commonwealth look quite natural and timely steps. For
the president the message to neighbours has first of all internal political sense -
to show to the Russian citizens the aspiration to strengthening of the CIS, and
the trip on the Commonwealth countries is necessary for Hasbulatovu for a raising personal
a rating which - and without that low - has fallen after VIII congress. In a number
republics this congress has the settled reputation not simply conservative
forces, but also the body which has been with hostility adjusted to the sovereignty of republics. Obviously,
during a trip the speaker would like to show to neighbours that
too it is possible to deal with congress. However, visit to each of the countries will have the
features, and materials about a trip of the speaker will daily publish.

In a press - centre VS of Belarus have declared that visit of Ruslana Hasbulatova was
a bolt from the blue for a republic management. The positive relation
Belarus to integration within the limits of the CIS well-known, and yesterday on termination of
negotiations with the Russian speaker once again
has confirmed a management of its republic. In this plan it is possible to consider visit of Hasbulatova successful. However
chairman VS of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich in reply to the invitation
Hasbulatova to visit St.-Petersburg for participation in April plenary
session of Inter-parliamentary assembly of the CIS (which chairman the Russian speaker is
) has expressed gratitude and has politely let know that
the Belarus delegation will be headed by the first vice-president VS of Belarus Vyacheslav Kuznetsov.
and the prime minister - the minister of Belarus Vyacheslav Kebich who, according to observers,
actually is the first person in the Belarus state,
did not meet Hasbulatovym at all.
according to observers, Shushkevich`s behaviour and Kebicha specifies in them
the reserved relation to chairman VS of Russia and testifies that
the Belarus management - benevolently perceiving offers of Russia
to closer integration irrespective of from whom they proceed -
all - taki while prefer to be guided by Yeltsin.
Last night Ruslan Hasbulatov has left from Minsk for Kiev. From confidential
sources in VS Ukraine the correspondent knew, as
Hasbulatova did not invite to Ukraine, but when from Moscow have informed on its intention
to arrive, management VS of Ukraine did not begin to object. Ruh has organised in
to the airport a protest action against arrival of the speaker - the organizer and the ideologist
the constitutional revolution to Russia and the bright representative imperial
chauvinistic forces .