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14 kgs of gallium

the Origin of suspicious metal are stolen while is studied

on March, 12th informed that the department on struggle against economic crimes of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk and area has withdrawn from two businessmen of 14 kgs of rare-earth metal - gallium. Today informs additional details.

the Reason of planned check of operations with gallium in which course the firm " has fallen under suspicion; IVP there was a recent loss with Achinsk glinozemelnogo industrial complex more than 200 kg of this metal. One of victims this hunting for kradennym gallium also there was a Novosibirsk business concern in which office 14 kg bought on Achinsk gallium industrial complex were stored. Militiamen have confiscated at IVP metal until a true establishment.
the Chief of department on struggle against economic crimes of Novosibirsk Victor Zubov has told to the correspondent that business conducting about plunder of gallium from Achinsk industrial complex which was originally conducted by local law enforcement bodies, is transferred now law-enforcement bodies of Krasnoyarsk region.
IVP has come into the view rozysknikov thanks to the advertisement on sale of the gallium placed in the local newspaper. The department on struggle against economic crimes has become interested in a metal origin. According to the director IVP Igor Prilutsky, gallium has been got quite lawfully on Achinsk industrial complex. Elena Dubovtseva mentioned in the previous publication, has specified that its role in this business was reduced exclusively to search of the buyer on 14 kg of gallium.
will return to illumination of a course of searches stolen with Achinsk glinozemelnogo gallium industrial complex in a month, on April, 17th when the consequence expects to finish check of all fulfilled versions.