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Session of presidium of the government

the Locomotive of economy the housing programme

becomes well-known that housing construction volumes are classical
an indicator of a condition of market economy: the better the economic situation,
the is under construction new houses and on the contrary more. Authors of the federal program
Dwelling approved at yesterday`s session of presidium of Ministerial council, go
further. They consider that in the Russian conditions the increase in volumes housing
buildings is capable to be not so much symptom of economic health,
how many in itself to stabilise a national economy and and to provide it
dynamical development.

five have been included In the agenda of session of presidium Sovmina of Russia
questions. It was supposed to discuss the plan for development of communication facilities in Russia,
a series of measures on creation of system of prevention of forest fires and federal
the program of building of habitation, and also - in the closed order - problems
strengthenings of borders and appeal maintenance on involuntary service in army. However
from - for long discussions of the first question participants of session and not
have started discussion of problems of communication and forest fires.
action federal programs Dwelling developed by experts
the State committee on architecture and building affairs, it is calculated on
the period till 2000. The series of measures assumes substantial growth
volumes of erected habitation by 1995. Two were thus considered
a variant of development of an economic situation in the country. For the favorable scenario
successions of events relative stabilisation of manufacture has been accepted. In it
a case the quantity of handed over habitation should make 55 million in sq. m. In a case
economic situation deterioration by present rates this indicator should
will decrease at least for 10 %.
According to authors of the program, by the end of century the basic source
building financings will be off-budget sources - about 60 % of all
dwellings will be under construction at the expense of personal savings. For this purpose the system of support of the poorest levels of population for the purpose of stimulation
accumulation for building of own habitation is already created
. For it this year from
the budget it is allocated 96 mlrd roubles of grants which will make about a quarter
costs of under construction habitation. The future proprietors of habitation should
pay the cost Rest.
For the first time represented itself as a member of presidium of the government the chairman
the Central Bank Victor Gerashchenko has offered for expansion of sources
financings to use Savings Bank means. The mechanism of attraction of means
this bank which is formally being commercial, still should be developed.