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! A premiere at theatre of the Moscow Council

the Yellow angel has transferred the spectator in a silver age

Yesterday on a small scene of theatre of the Moscow Council the premiere of performance " has taken place; the Yellow angel put by director Andrey Zhitinkinym on products of Teffi (Hope Lohvitsky), Arcady Averchenko and to Alexander Vertinsky`s songs (Anatoly Adoskina`s scenic version). Performance - a duet is put for Anatoly Adoskina and Nina Drobyshevoj, come back on a scene after a three-year break. According to EKATERINA`S KRETOVOJ observer, performance is sustained in the spirit of nostalgic dedication to a modernist style epoch.

Modern sounding of texts of Teffi and Averchenko which have been not touched by denominations and censorship, any more is not unexpectedness for spectators, but continues to cause interest. The venomous letter to Averchenko Lenin, subject motive Songs of the hungry person and, certainly, the well-known essay Dozen knifes in a revolution back partially to us are already familiar first of all on Tatyana Ahramkovoj`s performance the Joke of the Patron of art let out in last season at theatre of Mayakovsky. Comparison the Yellow angel with the Patron of art arises also thanks to Maria Rybasovoj`s who have transferred elements of registration of performance " scenography; the Joke of the Patron of art which artist it was, in the new work. In new performance - the same transparent curtain (truth, not white, but dark), the same fixture going down from a ceiling (but not with lamps, and with candles).
However I would not name the Yellow angel repetition of that already was. For Andrey Zhitinkina are important not so much sarcastically - the politized texts of Averchenko and Teffi, how many nostalgic stylisation of atmosphere of an epoch of a modernist style. This atmosphere is recreated by sounding of records of Vertinsky (Alexander Chevsky`s musical registration), the suits of characters reminding sketches of Baksta (the artist Xenia Shimanovsky), plastic arts in the spirit of Isadora Duncan (the director Olga Tarasova).
In aprioristic opinion of authoritative theatrical experts (for the present not seeing performance), the Yellow angel it is put counting upon success at spectators, but not at critics. Performance is made by trivial means and, being professional, but an average, in top a season hardly will get. However, the majority of critics assume that performance it is not deprived charm . To last remark I, certainly, join. A charm secret the Yellow angel in my opinion, Drobyshevoj first of all consists in successful actor`s works and Adoskina in which game the self-irony and taste is felt. In mentality of the Russian intellectual of an epoch of a modernist style peacefully co-existed Divine poem Skryabin and a smash hit the Sweetie . Modelling atmosphere of this epoch, the director was not beyond taste and style. Possibly therefore Sergey Jursky, congratulating the director, has told: very beautifully .