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Kozyrev has returned to Helsinki

working visit of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia to Finland

Has begun Yesterday working visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyreva in
Finland has begun. Head Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has returned in the evening on March, 17th to Helsinki for
tour continuations on the countries of Northern Europe, interrupted on Tuesday
is unexpected for many observers.

On Wednesday in capital of Finland the second session of Council of the states
Baltic sea in which work head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia took part has come to the end. On
the termination of session Kozyrev planned to continue a trip across Finland in
support of Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Paavo Vjajurjunena (Paavo
Vaurunen). However it has been compelled to interrupt the foreign tour and
to come back to Moscow to take part in the Council private meeting
safety on which, under the certificate of informed circles,
close to an environment of president Boris Yeltsin, variants
response of the Russian president to decisions of VIII congress were considered.
the program of working visit of Kozyreva to Finland includes visiting by heads
diplomatic departments of both countries scientifically - research Arctic
the centre in Rovaniemi and conversation with the director of the centre Manfred Lang (Manfred
Lange). Further ministers will go to a place of Salla on boundary
kontrolno - check point of Kelloselkja where they intend to make
dvenadtsatikilometrovyj ski transition to territory of Russia, and then to have dinner
in a snow-covered field with the Finnish frontier guards.
As have informed the correspondent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, a principal cause of working visit
Kozyreva which have caused such exotic program - negotiations about
building joint Russian - the Finnish tourist centre on a grief
Ruhmojva (Murmansk region). Now the civil-engineering design is
in a planning stage, to its discussion accompany long interdepartmental
disputes between frontier guards, military men and a regional management. All it and
has caused necessity situation studying on a place.
Vizit Kozyreva comes to the end on Friday, and will inform on its results on March, 20th.