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Judge a member Memories

the Patriot asks to clean a lattice

Yesterday Moscow City Court has begun consideration of criminal case of one of leaders of a society
Memory Nikolay Detkova accused under two articles UK of Russia - 190 - 3 (
the organisation and active participation in the group actions breaking public
an order) and 140 - 1 ch. 3 (professional work hindrance
the journalist). Business has been raised in October, 1992 after group
representatives Memories has intruded in edition the Moscow member of the Komsomol and,
threatening with punishment, has demanded from an editorial board to face to
to patriots .

At an input in Moscow City Court prior to the beginning of court patriots and journalists Moscow
the member of the Komsomol Have a little rumpled each other, trying to pass in a building.
representatives Memories operated organizovanno, making lists
invited to court, the others tried to push out from a hall. The defendant
Nikolay Detkov has declared to court that considers itself political that is why
demanded to translate it from Butyrsky prison in more comfortable prison MBR
in Lefortovo. In connection with the political the status he insisted, that it
business was considered by a jury. Detkov has declared tap to the lawyer of edition Andrey
to Muratovu, motivating it with that Murat in the stay by the judge of Moscow City Court
presided over process of Smirnova - Ostashvili. According to Detkova,
Murat will insist on its attraction to responsibility also under item 74
(kindling national break a set). The defendant also asked to change to it a measure
suppressions or at least to clean a lattice at which he sits in a court hall.
the editor-in-chief of the offended newspaper Pavel Gusev personally has asked court
to comply the request of Detkova for preventive punishment change. But here the public prosecutor
has reminded court that the second member accused of similar crimes
Memories Prokofiev disappears till now from justice. The court has rejected
petitions of Detkova and has transferred session for tomorrow, will inform on it on March, 19th.