Rus News Journal

! Problems of the Russian export

are made To the list of the strategic goods of change

the Tendency to expansion of sphere of state control over highly remunerative articles
export has had development: the status of the strategic export goods have received
fish and fish products. To such step the government push also western
the fishing companies which are afraid of the Russian dumping - to it
testify treskovye dismantlings in the European community. But a waste
derevoobrabotki, some kinds of products from a tree and paper production more
is not strategic. These shifts are fixed in arrived
yesterday in official mailing the decision of Ministerial council of Russia About
partial change of the governmental decree from June, 26th, 1992
which the inventory which export carry out
spetseksportery has been confirmed.

the Logic of the governmental decree is obvious. From strategic in usual
are degraded the goods, not best-selling in the world markets. On the contrary, in
the list of the strategic the group of the currency goods is entered. Admits, in
particulars that boughs faggots or a toilet paper to the list
the strategic goods have got due to a misunderstanding. Really
strategic positions among products wood and derevoobrabatyvajushchej
the industries occupy it pilovochnik and cellulose to what testify
results of exchange sales of quotas for export of these goods.
deducing from - under jurisdictions spetseksporterov of some the goods opens new
possibilities before commercial structures. Now to export pallets,
a panel board parquet and some other products from a tree it is possible besides
spetseksporterov. Besides, from guardianship spetseksporterov are released household
products from aluminium and sodium.
strategic vacancy is filled at the expense of fish and fish products. These
the goods - unlike shchepy and shavings - use steady currency
demand. Besides the price level for the Russian fish export already causes
charges in a dumping. Last circumstance, most likely, was
an immediate cause of change of an order of export of fish.
now fish exporters should pass selection in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations that should
provide higher prices and currency receipts. Naturally, in the first
turn the status spetseksporterov will receive supervised by the state fishing
the companies.
At the same time - as shows activity experiment spetseksporterov - them
the price policy no means always is equitable to the state interests. To that
control over the export prices for fish in conditions when considerable it
the part is on sale in the sea or in ports of parking, has additional