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Court over the murderer of the employee gosbezopasnos

Indications of witnesses do not converge

Yesterday Sverdlovsk regional court has continued hearings on charge of the broker and
the agent of a state security Anatoly Kamynina in murder of former ensign UMBR
Andrey Vasileva. The court has listened to the next witness and has started studying
business materials. About a process course regularly tells since it
the beginnings - on March, 11th.

we Will remind that the court considers three versions: a crime for the purpose of a robbery
(the charge version), murder as a result of self-defence during fight (the version
accused) and, at last, murder on the instructions of a state security (the version
the eyewitness of murder - acquaintance Kamynina Elena Ageevoj). Under last version,
murder has ordered The curator of secret-service activity of Kamynina the captain
state securities Michael Voronkov.
At yesterday`s session the court has listened to witness Alexey Deyev who
has confirmed an alibi of Voronkova: when the crime was committed, Deyev
has ostensibly met the former messmate Voronkova near railway
station and has spent with it half an hour. These indications contradict the version Ageevoj: on
to its words, in it Voronkov is a high time met her together with Kamyninym near
houses of just killed Vasileva and asked, as has passed business. Voronkov
has declared to court that on a consequence repeated Deyev from the very beginning but to it not
listened and even wrote down nothing.
then the court has started studying of materials of business. Judge Tatyana Podenko
has announced the report of survey of a scene. Lawyer Kamynina Sergey of Cats
has paid attention of court that the report has not been signed in time understood
(as he said, signatures have appeared much later, than survey) has been finished
. Also the report of a search at sozhitelnitsy has been announced by Kamynina. There things
the killed have not found, except for Vasileva removed from a corpse wedding
rings. During a search has been withdrawn only belonging sozhitelnitse by Kamynina
kulon on a chain (till now it is not returned).
On it the court declared a break: the hall already was required for sentence announcement on
to another matter. Today the court will continue studying of materials of business. Will inform about
a process course tomorrow.