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The chamber of crafts of Dusseldorf in Moscow

In Moscow is created the Center of crafts

Yesterday in Moscow has begun work the three-day congress of representatives small and
average business of Germany and Russia the largest in
Germany chamber of crafts of Dusseldorf became which organizer. The congress is devoted the Moscow centre
crafts, work on which creation should begin on May, 1st, 1993. The sketch
the centre project has been presented participants of the congress by the chief executive
chambers Thomas Kesterom (Thomas Koster) and the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow
Konstantin Buravlevym. By estimations of observers, this project can become
to the largest in area of development of small and average business in Russia. Its chances
increase with creation at the government of Russia of Council about development small
and average business (a detail - by p. 2) which activity
will be directed on support of business in the country.

the Law on the workmanship organisation in Germany is accepted on September, 17th, 1953. It
contains the list from 127 trades possessing the status craft, which
are divided into 7 groups: building crafts, crafts of food branch, elektro -
and metal working, derevoobrabotki, manufactures of clothes and products from a skin,
public health services and hygiene crafts, and also crafts glass, paper and
ceramic areas. The typical German craft enterprise - family,
on it is occupied usually no more than ten persons.

the Center of crafts will consist of a network of vocational schools on the basis of Moscow
the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE where the Russian handicraftsmen will be trained, in personnel academy
management and a craft court yard. The court yard will include a complex indicative
the craft enterprises, and wishing opens own business can
to get acquainted with the organisation of their work.
as the chief executive of chamber of crafts of Dusseldorf Thomas Kester has declared,
according to the project of creation of the Center of crafts in Moscow the chamber contribution
crafts of Dusseldorf is not limited to consulting services. German
the party incurs also all financial expenses on project preparation,
including expenses on a hardware and reconstruction educational and
industrial premises. After the centre will be created and will win
authority, the chamber of crafts of Dusseldorf intends to transfer gratuitously the
participation in it to structure which could represent really interests
the Moscow small and average business.
the Moscow government, from its part, gives necessary
the areas, including for office of the most Moscow centre of crafts and bureau
chambers of Dusseldorf in Moscow. Besides, the Moscow government
will give buildings of the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE for the organisation of vocational schools and academy creation
the management personnel.
observers notice that the most perspective can appear joint
projects in building and the food-processing industry, as in Russia, in
difference from Germany, the manufacture organisation in such areas as,
for example, the mechanical engineering or public health services, is a priority
the state enterprises. In particular, experience of German handicraftsmen
is irreplaceable for the Russian bakers, brewers and kolbasnikov.
congress Work will come to the end on Saturday. About its results will tell on March, 23rd.