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The Russian prime minister has left to Uzbekistan

In Russia has begun cotton crisis

the Russian textile industry has appeared on the verge of a stop from - for
sharp reduction of deliveries of the Uzbek clap, and Victor Tchernomyrdin
has been compelled to undertake yesterday off-schedule visit to Tashkent for a meeting with head
the governments of Uzbekistan Abdulhashi Mutalovym. According to experts, crisis in
maintenance with raw materials of the Russian textile industry is a consequence
of economic policy of the former USSR and the subsequent infringement economic
communications between republics entering into it.

the Crisis state in the field of maintenance with raw materials Russian textile
the industries can cause in the near future sharp reduction of workplaces
and lead to serious social conflicts. It is connected as with high
regional concentration of manufacture of textile products, and with
specificity of structure of a manpower. Now at the enterprises Russian
the textile industry it is occupied more than one million person. In a case
curlings of manufacture and mass lay-offs not only be required
considerable payments in the form of unemployment benefits from federal and local
budgets, but can change arrangement of political forces in Central
industrial region.

Uzbekistan - the basic supplier of raw materials for Russian textile
the industries - makes now 62,2 % of total amount
a clap - a raw made in territory of the former USSR. Besides Uzbekistan
Russia receives a clap from Turkmenia and Tajikistan. However the share Uzbek
a clap in total amount of the raw materials consumed Russian textile
of the enterprise makes about 70 %. According to interstate
the agreement about trading - economic cooperation, in I quarter 1993
Uzbekistan should put 89 thousand t, however real deliveries not
have exceeded 24 thousand t, or 27 % of the caused quantity.

According to experts, overcoming of cotton crisis in Russian
the textile industry will depend on offers which were brought
by Tchernomyrdin to the Uzbek prime minister. Experts consider that positive
the question decision probably if the goods offered by the Russian prime minister,
which are delivered in exchange for a clap, will be adequate its currency
to cost. On results of negotiations will inform after their assumed
end - on March, 23rd.