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Congress of guild of realtors

Realtors has come to the end have faced guild

Yesterday has finished the work the second congress of the Russian guild of realtors. Unlike the first, last year called in the summer, present congress has planned the concrete program of activity of guild. Besides, correspondent MICHAEL MOROZOVA accredited on it had an impression that for the past since then time realtors began to concern more seriously the professional organisation and are ready to put large means in strengthening of its prestige.

acceptance of the program of activity of guild the next year, read by the president of Council of guild Vladimir Kudryavtsev and confirmed by delegates became the Basic result of congress. The program bribes a pleasant reality both in respect of the planned actions, and concerning terms of their realisation. In particular, for April - May connection of all liverymen to specialised is planned is information - help system the Russian real estate . In June it is planned to spend the international conference the Role and potential of the Russian real estate in development of the international cooperation of investors and in July liverymen will be provided System of internal office-work at operations with real estate developed firm BANSO. October will be significant for domestic realtors not the Soviet holidays, and the international seminar the Technique and the organisation of an estimation of real estate . The major for guild directions of work Vladimir Kudryavtsev named a professional training, information and lobbying in power structures. The following congress it decided to spend in the first quarter 1994.
Talking to participants of congress in a lobby, I have noticed that realtors at last - that have realised necessity of existence of the organisation (that, by the way, it was not observed at all at the first congress of guild by summer of last year). In private conversations and in performances from a tribune many delegates declared that their firms are ready to put up money in guild, in formation of its image and in realisation of the programs confirmed by congress.
increase of interest to guild from realtors proves to be true also that in guild Council where only the Moscow firms till now have been presented, four new members - heads of the regional companies are entered. They are presidents of firms the House (Ekaterinburg), the STACK (Irkutsk), the Slang (Ulyanovsk) and VMB (St.-Petersburg).
Possibly having caught that realtors were pulled in a guild bosom, Council has established the new sizes of introductory and annual payments. Now, to become a member of this organisation, it is necessary to pay 350 thousand rbl. and on 300 thousand rbl. to bring annually.

phone of the Russian guild of realtors: (095 976 - 17 - 73.