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the Presidium of the Supreme body of Nagornogo Karabaha has confirmed a national anthem and the republic arms. The author of music - stepanakertsky composer Armen Nasibjan, has written words the chairman of the Union of writers of the Karabakh republic poet Vardan Akopjan. On the arms the eagle with open wings and a sculpture of aged men - a longevity symbol - against the national flag framed with a mulberry branch is represented.

fulfilling duties of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Armenia Armand Kirakosjan considers possible giving of Karabahu of the status international podmandatnoj territories. Acting at a briefing in Yerevan, he has informed that the republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started to work over this question.

In Tiraspol there passes session of the Supreme body of Dnestr Moldavian republic. Questions of privatisation and new appointments to the state posts are considered. The head of parliament of Dnestr region Grigory Marakutsa has underlined necessity of the prompt privatisation of habitation, having noticed that for privatisation of the enterprises to the republic government is subject to develop the concrete mechanism, preliminary having studied experience of Ukraine and Russia .

Yesterday the strike committee of teachers of Moldova has temporarily suspended teacher`s strike. Strike is suspended as a result of negotiations of the governmental commission and representatives striking on which it is accepted - to satisfy the conciliatory proposal the requirement of teachers about salary increase, but not to 10 minimum salaries as organizers of strike demanded, and to 6,2 that will make more than 10 thousand roubles. If the parliament does not confirm this decision, protest actions will be renewed.

today to Kishinev there arrives the prime minister - the minister of Belarus Vyacheslav Kebich. Its meetings with the chairman of parliament of republic Moldova Aleksandrom Moshanu, the president of republic Mirchej Snegurom and premieres - minister Andrey Sangeli are planned. During visit questions of cooperation of two countries will be discussed. It is planned to sign also the agreement About good neighbourhood, friendship and cooperation between republic Moldova and republic Belarus . Besides, the Belarus delegation will visit some areas, the enterprises and associations, for the purpose of an establishment of direct communications.

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Moldova supports renewal of contacts to Kiev, Moscow and Bucharest on settlement in Dnestr region. It was declared by the first deputy of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Moldova Ion Butnaru. In its opinion, a problem of Dnestr region should be solved only peacefully according to norms of international law .