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Theatrum mundi

Yesterday the Bundesrat - the upper chamber of the German parliament has approved the Maastricht agreement that means definitive ratification by Bonn of the project of creation of the political, economic and currency union of Europe. For this decision the government and representatives of opposition have voted unanimously. Results of session by that even more raise the importance of a position of Germany in decision-making process in the European parliament. During discussion of questions of Community Minister for Foreign Affairs Klaus Kinkel (Klaus Kinkel) has noticed that changes in the agreements, accepted at a meeting of leaders of EU in Edinburgh also will strike notable blow tsetrobjurokratam from EuroParliament also will approach Community to Europeans. All other EU countries, except Denmark and Great Britain where ratification is carried for later term, should approve agreements till the end of the year. Without it Maastricht cannot come into force.
Yesterday in Japan it has been officially declared visit of emperor Akihito coming in June, 1993 (Akihito) to Europe. It is supposed that the emperor with the spouse will visit Germany and Belgium, and also will make informal voyage to France and Italy. Representatives a press - services of an imperial palace have refused to inform a visit detail, having noticed only that its program will be co-ordinated on diplomatic channels. It will be the third foreign trip of the emperor from the moment of its introduction on a throne in 1989 after death of the father - emperor Hirohito (Hirohito).
the Prime minister - the minister of Italy Dzhuliano Amato (Giuliano Amato) has undergone yesterday to the sharpest criticism in parliament for support of party of socialists. As appears from performances of opposition, the policy of manoeuvring spent by the prime minister can lead to falling of the coalition government. Dzhuliano Amato has supported recently the leader of socialists of Bettino Kraksi (Bettino Craxi), having declared that the last nezasluzhenno reproach with participation in actions responsibility for which all party of socialists (p. 18 see) should bear. Kraksi, as well as other members of the administrative board of socialists it is accused of corruption. According to the opposition newspaper l`Unita, speech of Amato has rendered clumsy assistance to party of Socialists also has caused a damage to image of the prime minister. Crisis of socialist party and falling of its popularity threatens to break preparation of reform of voting which should be spent before following parliamentary elections.
yesterday the government of Brazil has made the decision on a suspension of denationalisation of the large state enterprises. Creation of the special legislation supposing participation of the foreign capital in the Brazilian campaigns for the purpose of reception of the prompt results from spent process of privatisation and modernizirovanija of the unprofitable enterprises is planned.
in London the list of employees of foreign missions, and also diplomats which penalties for wrong parking of the motor vehicles do not wish to pay is officially published. Russia takes the third place in this list, conceding only to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
the ambassador of Israel in the USA Shoval (Shoval) has made yesterday the statement that Palestinians to return to the negotiating table about settlement of the Near-Eastern conflict despite recent dispatch of four hundred Lebaneses from the country. He has underlined that the majority from sent are active members of terrorist groupings of Islamic fundamentalists Hamas and Islamic jihad conducting the activity in Southern Lebanon. This measure has been accepted in reply to an attack on a post of the Israeli armies.
however in followed performance of the ambassador the statement of the official representative of the Organization of clearing of Palestin essential amendments have sounded. Palestinians reject possibility continuation of peace talks until it will not be authorised to Lebaneses sent from Israel to return back.
the future US president Bill Clinton (Bill Klinton), making comments on a situation at negotiations, has noticed that divides a pain and indignation of the Israelis who have become by a target for Muslim extremists. However he has added that exile from the country is extreme step, and softer measures are quite admissible.