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Column La vie de nuit

As the managing director of NIGHT SHOW the COCKATOO this night where - that mysteriously was gone, and there was nobody to amuse the people, the mister in a long white shirt navypusk and fitting jeans has begun to struggle with boredom forced by a variety show. To begin with it long skipped on hands on a scene and drank beer, standing on a head (than, by the way, to death has offended the president of beer club). Then it stuck to ladies all successively with the requirement immediately it to bite. Nothing protection understanding in an event did not lag behind it on a step and was ready to braid in few seconds the hooligan artful priemchikami. But the mister, to disappointment of security guards, behaved very politely and did not break a public order. On a trouble of the merry fellow, in show at all did not sell colours, and the mister had to run out constantly on street that them to buy, and then to give away to ladies. The militiamen standing on an input, looked at it the surprised eyes, in any second ready to operative action. But ladies were very happy, and some even did reproachful hints to the gentlemen concerning the forgotten smell of carnations and roses. The only thing that has guarded correspondents, it that for the mister (without considering protection) the young swarty lady constantly rushed. And curious correspondents, having joined retinue from seven security guards, asked questions to the lady directly on the run. The mister twisted in the meantime a somersault and pleased visitors with focuses. From - under a loose overall he has taken a live rabbit and has presented to its elderly mister and when has got a cock has given to its security guard. Numerous visitors, having forgotten about a variety show and beer, loudly laughed loudly and applauded. In the meantime correspondents found out the past the mister at its lady. It has appeared that the mister long time has spent on a small islet of Indian ocean, and behind that it, absolutely wild, the Soviet seamen have removed from a palm tree. It has got to children`s home, then ran in tundra, there it was sheltered by the shaman, and now it has arrived to Moscow to study. The lady has been sent by the mister the shaman to accompany the favourite on the journey and in every possible way it to humour. When we managed to talk the originator it was found out that no palm trees and shamans existing, simply it wanted to engage in hooliganism sincerely, that`s all.
in the MOSCOW COMMERCIAL CLUB was a lot of people at the last night. Misters conducted lively conversations on a painting theme. The mister in a smart black suit with a thin long small beard was especially allocated. It lifted toasts in honour of the new prime minister. Opposite to it the aged mister in just the same suit and a bright green shirt sat. To drink for the new head of the government to it obviously it would not be desirable, and he potihonechku was indignant with today`s youth and their confused toasts: to you for what not to drink - if only to drink. Here earlier, what toasts were, what people! For women drank, for Russia! And what women, not today`s crowd were... from the further conversation correspondents have understood that before them the father and the son. And the father is obviously dissatisfied with the daughter-in-law, and about it the son risks to lose paternal a four-storeyed private residence in Zhukovka. Soon the theme was replaced, and dispute concerning speaker Hasbulatova was fastened, then began to discuss a dinner of misters Tchernomyrdin, Kohl and Yeltsin in Faceted chamber.
while misters talked and argued - in a casino one desperate lady, having won in a roulette of $1000, has instantly gone to the husband to restaurant to share pleasure. But that, having choked with a fish bone, looked at it an unfortunate sight and why - that did not divide its admiration.
NIGHT CLUB At PETER has spent very quiet night that has been connected with absence of erotic show. In CLUB RUSSIAN PYRAMID night has passed very cheerfully and easy, without Filippycha and large rates. CLUB ARLEKINO has been closed and prepared to a new operating schedule without days off.

the review of night life of Moscow is spent on those night clubs which, according to experts, could become the most prestigious institutions and which visiting we recommend to the readers: the Moscow Commercial club (ph. 271 - 07 - 07), a casino - restaurant Club In (ph. 903 - 31 - 19), night club At Peter (ph. 298 - 32 - 48), billiard club Russian pyramid (ph. 157 - 80 - 40), night show the Cockatoo (ph. 373 - 50 - 50), night club Arlekino (ph. 205 - 70 - 88).