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Column Misfortunes

on December, 17th in settlement the Red stone of the Kemerovo region 168 cases of an acute enteric infection are fixed. Among the diseased - 130 children. Epidemiologists assume that the infection activator has got to an organism of patients, most likely, through tap water.

On Thursday in 20. 43 in Tajikistan there was an earthquake. Its epicentre was in 200 km to the south from Dushanbe where force of pushes reached 4 - 5 points under the Richter scale.

This very day there was next, the seventh under the account this year, earthquake in Iran. This time its force in epicentre - in 70 km from the city of Chahbehar (Southern Iran) - made 6 points under the Richter scale. Data on victims and destructions did not arrive.

in the same southern part of Iran torrential rains have caused the strong flooding which have flooded of some settlements and cutting off them from an external world. Rescue operations are spent. The sizes of losses from flooding are not known yet. The data about victims did not arrive.

the bomb enclosed in a leather bag in the car of a suburban train, was broke off on Friday in small town Borivli (suburb of Bombay). Four passengers who have suffered from explosion with burns are taken to hospital. Motives of a crime and its executors are not found yet.

on Thursday the second power unit of the Kursk atomic power station is stopped. The station power unit has been disconnected as a result emergency protection on pressure increase in reaktornom space has worked. The preliminary reason of inclusion of emergency protection - a stop of the compressor which is pumping over azotno - gellievuju a mix for cooling of a graphite laying of the reactor. It is supposed that the station power unit will not function two days. Radiating threat to attendants of station and environment, according to experts, no.

In Georgia during the period since 1991 16 cases of disease AIDS are fixed. Two immunodeficiencies which have caught by a virus already have died. Five diseased - foreigners - has been sent at once for republic limits. 9 are under constant supervision of employees of Branch dispansernogo supervision and treatments AIDS. Among the amazed HIV - an infection six Georgians, two Armenians and one Jew.

on unforeseen Christmas vacation crews of planes of state-owned airline of Moldova are sent. From - for absence of fuel almost all planes are put on a trick . Not cancelled at the Kishinev airport there was only a flight to Moscow.

in Vladivostok a situation not less difficult: the fifth days from - for absence of aviation fuel work of the local airport is paralysed. On Thursday the airport has accepted only 2 planes from Moscow which cannot take off till now for a way back. Flights to St.-Petersburg, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij and Southern - Sahalinsk are carried out with refuelling in Khabarovsk. As to local airlines all flights while are carried out, however fuel remains on 3 - 4 days.

the number of cases of a poisoning recently has considerably increased in Tashkent spirits. City sanepidemstantsija has started all-round check of import spirits about the maintenance in them of dangerous substances. The authorities of Tashkent have forbidden commercial shops of the Uzbek capital to sell domestic production vodka, and also have obliged trading organisations to have the certificate of quality and the licence for sale of import spirits.