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the Criminal board of the Supreme court of Russia has pronounced a sentence to murderer Valery Lapinu.
On materials of the bill of particulars, on February, 28th, 1992 Lapin has come back home from places of imprisonment after the sixth previous conviction and has found out houses of a roommate of the wife of Pavel Sukhanov. Some time it was reconciled with presence of the contender in spite of the fact that that constantly subjected to its various humiliations (orally). At night on March, 26th, 1992 after plentiful vozlijanija Lapin has waited, while Sukhanov has fallen asleep, and has cut sleeping an axe. Then it has dismembered a corpse. But to hide a crime to it it was not possible, as the wife has had time to cause militia.
the Supreme court of republic Kareliya has sentenced the murderer to 10 years of a high security, and the Supreme court of Russia has upheld a sentence.
the sentence is pronounced to two tyrants (the Supreme court of Russia).
On materials of the bill of particulars, in the evening on March, 27th, 1991 Elbrus Having eaten up and Yury Ovechkin (both earlier offenders), being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, have stopped in the street victim Gioevu and, having dragged it on a children`s playground, in the perverted form have raped. After that having eaten up has strangled a victim. Having removed from a corpse two gold rings and hours, criminals have tried to disappear, but have been detained by a police squad. severo - the Osset republican court has sentenced both to 15 years of the strengthened mode (Ovechkinu is added the earlier not left term), and the Supreme court has left a sentence without changes, despite the protest of lawyer Ovechkina Olga Tolmachevoj, unsubstantially asserting that its client did not participate in commission of crime.
the Moscow City Court has sent on supplementary examination the difficult and confused business about murder and robbery.
On materials of the bill of particulars, in February, 1992 defendant Oleg Volokitin, the inhabitant of Saratov, has arrived to Moscow where has reduced acquaintance to the fellow countryman, in the recent past the honours pupil and gold medallist Yaroslav Salinym. Salin, studying at the Moscow medical stomatologic institute, has complained to a new companion of student`s poverty. Volokitin, earlier four times the offender, has suggested Salinu to correct affairs, having plundered apartment of a family of Shust where one year ago has spent the night occasionally. On February, 26th, 1992 both defendants have come on apartment where at this time there was a mistress and her daughter - the fifth-grader. Having talked over with the woman, they have left. Soon after that the daughter has gone to school, and, having come back home, has found out a corpse of mother with the connected hands in a bathroom. From apartment has disappeared video - and an audio equipment for the 30 thousand roubles sum.
the arrested person soon in Saratov Volokitin admitted murder and has handed over Salina from whom the stolen things have been withdrawn. Salin admitted a robbery, but fault in murder has assigned to Volokitina. It has shown what to kill the woman they did not agree, and he till the moment of arrest knew nothing about its destiny. Volokitin ostensibly there was with the mistress in a bathroom one and should connect it only. On court Volokitin has completely refused the investigatory indications, having declared that has stipulated itself under the pressure of workers of militia who brutally beat it, trying to extract necessary indications. The defendant asserts that it did not appear in Moscow since December, 1991 and all time without quitting the place lived in Saratov. It has denied and indications of Salina, which has reminded to it how in the evening on February, 26th, 1992 it has left Moscow home by means of the familiar conductor.
no direct proofs of fault of Volokitina at court are present. In the plundered apartment does not remain the fingerprints, any things from the defendant it has not been withdrawn. Has not identified it and the daughter of the killed. In the circumstances the court at the desire of the public prosecutor has considered necessary to direct business on additional investigation.

in city court of St.-Petersburg has begun and business under the civil suit of the Petersburg Judaic religious community to justice department of the mayoralty of St.-Petersburg about a recognition void refusal in registration of its charter has been postponed till February, 4th. Simultaneously claimants have asked to cancel registration of the charter of similar religious association - the Jewish religious community which have settled down in a building of the Big choral synagogue for which they apply.
it is possible, the conflict will be resolved before new hearing as relations between the parties are not broken off (both those and others peacefully pray in one synagogue and agree to adjoin there in delnejshem). According to Olga Rumjantsevoj, the expert of department of the mayoralty in registration of charters of political parties, public organisations and religious associations, dispute can be settled in the event that the management Committee city property of St.-Petersburg (the proprietor of a challenged synagogue) will resolve to register to the Judaic community in one building with already registered Jewish. Both parties have declared the consent with such decision of a question, and the Judaic community has taken away from court the claim about a recognition of void registration of the charter of the coreligionists.