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Ecological report

it is necessary to Grow thin carefully and imperceptibly for itself

what to buy domestic champagne it is necessary very attentively, we already
informed in number from December, 16th. Besides, something bad began to be created

with meat: at pigs - a plague, at cows - brutsellez. There are news and to those who
sits on a low-calorie diet: the British scientists have found out that has put it
the two-edged.

Beef from Kazakhstan to get in the markets it is not necessary. Among
the Kazakhstan cattle rage brutsellez and a tuberculosis which can
be transferred to the person.
some parties of the infected hulks have been revealed and rejected on December, 17th in
Ekaterinburg by veterinary department at city administration in a course
planned check. As it is known, brutsellez - the dangerous infection amazing
oporno - impellent system which can be transferred to the person at
the use in food of meat of the infected animals. According to city
administrations, delivery infected brutsellezom and
a meat tuberculosis, basically - from Kazakhstan, where now extremely
an unsuccessful sanitary situation by these illnesses among cattle has now become frequent.
also it is necessary to refuse the Pskov pork for a while: it is infected
by a classical plague.
to be ill pigs from state farm Pskov (22 kilometres to the south of a city) have begun still in

the end of November, but the regional veterinary laboratory distinguishes at once a virus not

could. Has fallen already more than 700 pigs. In state farm - an extreme mode and
quarantine. Among local population while nobody has suffered.
show special attention to baby food.
on December, 15th in infectious hospital of Tbilisi 28 children, ostensibly
poisoned with the Dutch baby food have arrived. In two days official
the representative of Ministry of Health of Georgia has declared that a food fresh and is perfect
harmless, and children have poisoned because their mums incorrectly prepared it.
information on hazardous to health baby food recently not
arrives, however in the light of the Georgian experience is advised to study attentively
instructions on product preparation. Well, and for terms of its validity you, not
we doubt, for a long time already have got used to pay attention.
the Chinese vodka as show researches, does not answer Russian
to state standard.
the Chinese vodka meets on sale and in mother countries, but the first
have reacted, strangely enough, on Sakhalin - since December, 15th its sale there
is forbidden. The certified laboratory at the Sakhalin centre of standardization

and metrology has established that the drink does not correspond qualitative
to characteristics of the Russian state standard. On island already
poisoning cases repeatedly were registered. In vodka it is exceeded extremely
the admissible maintenance of fusel oils which are fraught not only food
with poisonings, but can cause and oncological diseases.
and the British scientists have found out that artificial growing thin is bad
affects mental faculties.
scientists informed on results of the researches British and world
the public this week. It appears, artificial growing thin
reduces speed of reactions and speed of mastering of the information. Under supervision
there was a group of the British students suffering from the completeness and sitting

on a low-calorie diet. Dietitian Michael co-ordinating research
Green (Mikle Green) considers that the reason prituplenija intellectual
abilities can be and a constant zatsiklennost students on thoughts about
the weight - from - for it they and cannot concentrate plainly on something
other. But the reasons psiho - physiological character are probable also - researches
will be continued.
on December, 16th management of the state trading inspection on Leningrad
areas has rejected party of silvery carps intending to sale.
fish was edible, but on the appearance STATE THAT did not meet the requirements
. Observers have especially noted this case - though while also case -
cares not only of goods presence, but also its present quality.