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The review of advertising campaigns

relations while goes To Russia Public some other way

this week experts have decided to pay attention to the market of services on Public
relations (PR). In their opinion, it develops recently in Russia
rather dynamically, however while is far from civilised forms. By sight
experts, under term PR often there pass the materials serving to interests
of firms or private persons. They grow out of payoff of journalists or
heads of mass media.

Until recently in the field of PR rather limited number of firms operated.
From Russian - agency of market communications the Metapress consortium APR,
joint venture Ases - Moscow and the American firm PBN Company (p. 13 see
). For last one and a half year only in Moscow it was formed a little
tens the agencies specialising on services on PR. The majority of them -
the private concerns which founders are graduates MGIMO or people,
having experience in the West on public relations. Most
perspective of new agencies experts consider the Vote Infopress
PR - consulting .
occurrence of considerable number so-called " became the Most widespread facts of infringement of the private code of experts on
PR; custom-made materials .
In the West the journalist or the agency noticed in this sort of activity,
is excluded from all professional associations and can remain without work.
in Russia occurrence of the paid materials or - more widespread
the name - indirect advertising became hardly probable not norm. In some
editions there are almost official quotations on this sort of
materials which are approximately equal to quotations on usual advertising. Thus, over
such reportings the inscription " is not put; advertising . Thus, the reader
is misled, as to opinion of the journalist he has got used to trust more,
rather than to the simple announcement. To such practice adhere, in particular,
the newspaper the Business world Komsomol truth the Literary newspaper .
Frequently some editions prepare not absolutely objective information in
interests of the sponsors or founders. One of examples - the newspaper
Russia which founder is the joint-stock company Sokolniki
the head of parliamentary fraction Industrialists of Russia Yury Geht. Except
how it became known, now in Russia exists a little printing
the editions financed through the European banks by the state structures
of the western countries. Naturally, in this case editions cannot give
impartial any more and the objective information.
one more - not less widespread way of occurrence of indirect advertising -
the arrangement directly with the journalist or the editor. Thus
periodicity of occurrence of custom-made materials and their maintenance depend
exclusively on conscience and fruitfulness of their authors. There are, for example,
journalists who prepare objective articles as the customer interests
any mention of it. Others, having the whole strips in the editions or on
some hours of an aether a day, the majority of materials prepare for money.
Quotations thus - from several thousand roubles in the Moscow newspapers to
several thousand dollars for the reporting in information programs on
television. By the way, evening releases of transfers of news on TV channels
Ostankino and Russia use special demand, where average quotations on
the reporting, for example, in evening nine-hour release News make
from 200 thousand to several millions roubles. Slightly more cheaply plots in
to the program to Conduct .
In a broadcasting company lobby Ostankino especially in
It is information - television agency (ITA), it is possible to hear that
some leading correspondents have the firms. Into their accounts are listed
fees for materials about which firms agree directly with
correspondents, instead of through advertising department ITA. The case is known also,
when about one commercial bank that has listed for a plot even in the spring ITA
about 2 million roubles. In addition the bank has handed over 15 thousand and
to the correspondent who has removed a material and conducted an aether when the plot went in
to the nine-hour program News . Correspondents have counted at least
ten known names all to the country which are anyhow involved to
to the Russian understanding PR.
However there are also opposite examples - Vladimir Molchanov and those who works
together with it over the program Till the midnight . For example, when Irina
Zajtsevu have asked in the program Morning to insert a plot about one known
theatre, the journalist has refused, but as the material, in her opinion,
was worthy, has made the reporting free of charge.
nevertheless, today, unfortunately, for considerable number of journalists
preparation Custom-made materials became the basic income item. It is more than that,
many demand money for any mention of commercial structures. For example,
the businessmen who were taking part in an exhibition of the republic of South Africa, have informed experts about
invasion of correspondents from various editions which suggested to write about
them article. Average quotations thus made $20. The representative of one of
firms has told about visit of the correspondent to their office to New York with the offer
to write article for 300 dollars. The firm has refused, and as a result left
rather laudatory material about their competitor. But the majority of journalists
prefer to receive the the fee not money, and in kind . Here rates
the various: from a dinner at restaurant before registration donative on the car.
not only firms and the enterprises need in PR - services. As an example
the amusing case has occurred to a telelottery advertised now Hour of fate .
the Correspondent has tracked for PR - game campaign from the very beginning when in
one of organizers " has called; Hour of fate also has taken an interest, how many there is
advertising article of the average size. About the concrete sum conversation did not go, and
payment issues of form have been put: a cash or a clearing settlement . Categoricalness
offers has interested the correspondent: with categorical refusal it
pogodil also was has been invited to game show presentation (where among invited
40 journalists have played a foreign car in cost more than 8 million rbl.) . Points over i
have been put in a break when organizers have offered the correspondent
10. 000 roubles (it was possible to receive at once) for a material in draw
(between December, 1st and 25). The correspondent has refused money and has written article 7
November. About reaction of other journalists of exact data is not present, but in specified
the period has appeared a number advertising articles from which materials in
newspapers " were allocated; Private life and the Miracle field (in Private life the positive material
average size has gone without any footnotes, and in the Miracle field it has occupied whole
a strip, but under a heading traditional for advertising - a commercial break ) .
Except wild forms PR on the Russian earth gradually take root and
the civilised. Among the most successful actions in sphere PR experts
name Irina Khakamada`s campaign when it became the first secretary of Party
economic freedom. As to politicians here sometimes
efforts of their advisers on PR are insufficiently successful. One of informants
told that the majority of advisers in the field of PR are dissatisfied with the
wards which often ignore their councils as to conduct what
a tie to carry and what to tell at a meeting with journalists. Among agencies,
working with politicians, it is possible to allocate the Metapress which advises in
areas PR a number of the first persons in the state.
According to experts, demand for services in the field of PR will grow and, probably,
higher rates, than demand for advertising, especially from western
firms. Already now their expenses for direct advertising and for actions for improvement
own image are approximately equal. This results from the fact that not all western
the companies are ready c to enter this market and do not want to advertise
the goods which while cannot be bought. And actions on PR they can declare about
the presence in the market and prepare in appropriate way public
opinion. For example, this sponsorship of translations of the Cup of the European champions
four firms. Other example - the Swiss oil firm Lia oil,
which has emphasised in the beginning charitable actions (about one of them
wrote) for the sum about 70 million roubles.