Rus News Journal



the Big party of products has arrived yesterday in shop M. Leader (Moscow, the Leningrad avenue, d. 39, ph. 157 - 83 - 45). From Belgium have delivered meat products. Among them - bacon, pork and smoked sausages of the most different grades ($10,80 - $11,80 for kg). Chocolates in the form of cockleshells stand $7,90 (250) and $15,90 (500), and a truffle (200) - $7. Also here it is possible to buy the most different cookies - biscuit, creamy, dry, fruit, with chocolate glaze and marmeladnoj a stuffing (250 g - from $2 to $3). The Italian firm Parmalat offers not less various cookies. Packings on 200 - 300 g stand from $3 to $5. The Italian macaroni, small horns and a spaghetti of the same firm stand on $1,10 for 500
And in shop Intershop (Moscow, street Garden - Suharevsky, d. 13/ 15, bodies. 208 - 87 - 78) today it is possible to buy products to a dessert table of the American and German manufacture. A peanut (28 there are 100 rbl., pistachios (300) are offered for 1927 rbl., and nutlets keshju (340) - for 2065 rbl. the Nut mix (340) costs 1110 rbl. From 736 rbl. to 1000 rbl. - the price of several kinds of crackers (Germany) packaged on 113 - 227 Are offered also juice in bottles on 0,2 l: ananasnyj, grape and orange (240 - 330 rbl.) .
the Italian female footwear has arrived yesterday in shop M. Leader (see above). Here it is possible to buy winter and autumn boots of brown or black colour. The most different models - with a fur edge and without, short and not so are offered. Basically all models - with a lacing and on a low heel ($50 - $90). The winter variant of boots costs more expensively. And also there is a wide choice of demi-season and warm boots. Colours - brown and black. Boots - high, a heel - low, some models are finished by metal accessories and a decorative band, and also there are models with a fur edge ($89 - $97).
the Wide choice of ware of German firm Comec is available in the trading house the Dewdrop (Moscow, street Serafimovicha, d. 2/ 20, ph. 230 - 18 - 58). The ware is executed from heat-resistant glass and intends for cooking in the microwave oven. Sets of pans of transparent or white colour from five subjects stand $23,60, from four - $16,75. Gusjatnitsa in which, by the way, it is possible to prepare a Christmas goose, will manage in $16,40. Is available on sale and round protiven for a batch of pies and puddings for $4,60. Colour tetrahedral graters with the different figured notches, executed of plastic of high durability, stand $7,90.
In shop Vision express (S - Petersburg, street of Lomonosov, d. 5, ph. 310 - 15 - 95) have arrived yesterday frames of Italian firms Ferre, Guggi, Safila. All frames - metal or plastic, modern design. Ferre differ the strict classical form, and ladies` plastic - fashionable spotty it is brown - black colouring, and man`s metal frames - with perekladinkoj on nose bridge. Firms Guggi and Safila offer graceful female frames of roundish forms with floating handles. The price of all frames - from $40 to $57.
Dry goods
Cases, and suitcases of English firm Samsonite today it is possible to get bags in shop Ana - 1 (Moscow, street Lublin, d. 117, ph. 351 - 40 - 28). For businessmen thirty three kinds of the cases executed from a skin or plastic of red, brown and black colours ($100 - $200) are offered. There are no burden on travel plastic road suitcases on the castors which presence considerably simplifies moving of any on weight of cargoes. The small costs $150, and in a suitcase for $400 it is possible to place all clothes. Two kinds of bags here are offered ladies. Capacious enough bag on a lightning (dark blue or grey colour) squared shape with the rounded off corners has long and short handles ($90), a bag - a sac ryzhe - brown colour - on the short handle, with the big metal lock ($110).
And which - that else
Covers for gas and electric plates have delivered yesterday in the trading house Dewdrop (Moscow, street Serafimovicha, d. 2/ 20, ph. 230 - 18 - 58). Colourful flowers decorate the white enameled surface of these subjects which can serve as quite good addition to a kitchen interior ($6,90).