Rus News Journal

The astrological forecast

SATURDAY, on December, 19th


People are happy and quiet today, in their behaviour medieval nobleness, in outlooks on life - reasonable optimism predominates. However, we do not remember, who the first has noticed that happy are usually unsympathetic, inattentive and obstinate, besides, speak, what even appeals to their common sense of special success have no. Try to consider it and to develop for today the flexible policy, taking into consideration at least that your partners in business dialogue are in the power of the same mood and are not inclined to make concessions.
However, on many questions people will prefer to agree without long disputes with each other, is simple not to spoil to itself good mood - day as it is impossible more approaches for the general conversations, finding-out of theoretical and philosophical questions, and also for the big meetings, sessions of public, charitable and religious committees.
at stock exchanges today it is not necessary to risk to Tauruses, Maidens and Capricorns.
at the conclusion of transactions it is necessary to be attentive to Scales, Capricorns and Fishes.
if yesterday children could afflict, become you the dissonance reason in a family today they are susceptible to education, are obedient - discuss with them their problems, and they will follow to your councils.
this evening in general is recommended to spend houses, in the bosom of the family, thus absolutely not necessarily to devote to its decision of your house problems - it is possible napriglashat a heap of acquaintances and to arrange a party.
By the way, today all favours to to take vacation and to go, like our ancestors, in long romantic travel to other country.
on SUNDAY it is not necessary to risk in gamblings. Traumas are possible during playing sports.
but people are adjusted lyrically - well to use it, to descend in theatre or on an exhibition. It is possible and to gather simply with the friends and to talk on abstract themes, without mentioning essential problems.