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Board meeting of the Congress of stock exchanges

the Congress of stock exchanges has decided to create banks

Yesterday in Moscow has passed the first board meeting of the Congress of stock exchanges. Members
boards have exchanged opinions on problems which stock exchanges in
various regions face, and have come to a conclusion that along with obstacles which
create licensing on a way of movement of the goods, kvotirovanie and actions
local authorities, more and more problems arises in connection with disintegration rouble
zones and introduction by a number of republics of the former Union of own currencies.

the Institute of board of the Congress of stock exchanges has been created at its last congress (Odessa,
9 - on October, 10th, 1992) For more rational coordination of activity
Congress structures. The board has been generated from representatives 10
regional branches into which structure have entered from 2 to 9 stock exchanges - members
the Congress, united on a territorial sign.

As head Severo - the western branch of the Congress has informed gathered,
president Sankt - Petersburg share (but more and more gravitating to commodity
to operations) stock exchanges Igor Kljuchnikov, its stock exchange had been realised own
the scheme of the joint auctions with RTSB. However on one of 120 transactions concluded
during these auctions, the goods have not reached the buyer. The reason - restrictions on
advancement of the goods, entered by the city authorities. On this background the transfer
the goods from one sovereign nowadays republics in general starts
to be represented to another by business absolutely inconceivable.
Not less barriers costs also on ways of monetary streams, and the decision of this
problems it is represented to the Congress management not less essential. If removal
restrictions on movement of the goods demands active lobbying in imperious
the structures which efficiency is insignificant steps to a creation direction
own bank system can be now more productive.
therefore, according to the president of the Congress of stock exchanges of Cheslava Matsulevicha, it is accepted
decision on the introduction of the Congress as founder in commercial banks,
capable to carry out interstate calculations. The first such bank will be
the Kaliningrad international Atlantbank created at the initiative of were
of a management of a stock exchange the Alliance . To the second, most likely, becomes international
universal bank Interkliringbank.
Speaking about prospects of carrying out of the international auctions of the Congress of stock exchanges, g - n
Matsulevich has noticed that an obstacle here is also known stagnancy
brokers. For example, in the organisation of the auctions the system is almost fulfilled,
allowing to enter into a databank and to conclude transactions in a computer mode.
however brokers, as he said, yet in a condition to overcome
a psychological barrier .