Rus News Journal

Car accidents

In the night from 17 for December, 18th the car VAZ - 2106 55 - the summer employee of consular department of embassy of republic Poland Adama Vezhbitski, following across Mira prospectus, VAZ - 2101 has faced a motor vehicle. At the wheel the second the Zhiguli was 33 - the summer doctor First aid military hospital of a name Mandreko Alexander Afanasev who has imprudently decided to cross Mira prospectus, following from Malomoskovsky street. As a result of collision both cars have received considerable damages, and their drivers are injured. Adam Vezhbitski has received a strong bruise of a foot, and Alexander Afanasev with damage of the left shoulder is delivered in institute of a name Sklifosovsky.

Yesterday on the area of Nogina the director of commercial shop " has had an accident; Victoria 36 - summer Nikolay Aksjutin. Its Volvo - 740 has faced a motor vehicle GAS - 2410. At the wheel Volga Was temporarily not working 24 - summer Vladimir Nechaev. As collision was not strong, both cars have got off with small damages: at a foreign car the forward left wing, and at " is rumpled; Volga - a bumper. Drivers have got off light.

On Thursday evening in St.-Petersburg on Volodarsky to the bridge the warehouseman of car repair shop 48 - summer Vladimir Bugrov has had an accident. G - n Hillocks VAZ - 2107 in a state of intoxication went by the car and, without having managed to drive, has left on an oncoming traffic strip where has faced bus 51 - go a route (the driver - 52 - summer Yury Mashuta). The driver the Zhiguli it is sent in hospital in a condition of average weight.

yesterday in Moscow in the street Big Mjasnitsky cars of Subaru and GAS - 2411 have faced. At the wheel a foreign car belonging to small enterprise Hope Was 29 - summer Alexander Vedernikov - the driver of this enterprise. The driver Volga Veniamin Gapunkov, the taxi driver with 30 - the summer experience, with numerous bruises and a dislocation is delivered in resuscitation.

on December, 18th about 11 hours in the street Dorogomilovsky about the house #16, near to the Kiev station, has occurred very large dorozhno - the transport incident six motor vehicles became which participants, including trucks MAZ, KamMAZ and ZIL - 131. The car " became the involuntary originator of incident; Zaporozhets at which brakes then it has driven under trailer MAZ have refused. As a result of collision the car has lighted up and has blown up. The driver Zaporozhtsa was lost, and its person is not established yet. The driver " has suffered also; the Zhiguli the group failures which have become by the participant: with crisis of a foot it is hospitalised.