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In the beginning of January, 1993 televiewers of Sochi will have an opportunity to look the European and American TV programs. Yesterday the corresponding agreement between the director of the international network of independent producers of TV programs of Europe and the North America Bryan Kelly (Bryan Kelly) and representatives of the Sochi state broadcasting company and studio " is signed; Efkate engaged not state radio and a cable television. Musically - entertaining, scientifically - educational, children`s and business programs are given with the right of double display.

Today in St.-Petersburg in expocentre Lenexpo show - the program " will take place advertising; the Boss - island Kotlin club on which representatives of the supervisory board commodity - stock exchange " are invited; St.-Petersburg and all steady customers of cars of the trading house Kotlin . In show - the program will act group the Time machine cabaret Academy Valery, Natalia Vetlitsky and Olga Kormuhina. The deputy director of a broadcasting company Andrey Kortashov has informed the correspondent that all performances, behind an exception Time machines will sound under a soundtrack. Organizers intend to meet in the Boss - club every month. Show - the program reflected as the advertising action of the trading house Kotlin and commodity - stock exchange St.-Petersburg to organizers in 13 million rbl. the Idea " also has managed; the Boss - club belongs to a broadcasting company Sigma - video (it is created in 1991, the director - Andrey Bazanov) which specialises on preparation of musical programs. Show will last from 23:00 till. To visitors will offer a restaurant buffet Lenexpo and portable bars. On January, 2nd, 1993 Show - the program will go on the air to SPb of TV.

Yesterday the jury of the First international competition of young vocalists in the academic genre, passed in Ekaterinburg, has awarded the third place 12 - to summer Eugene Shilovu who together with 14 - summer composer Feodor Shilovym has presented on competition a romance on Athanasius Fet`s verses. The owner gran - at became 18 - the summer student of Nizhnetagilsky musical school Svetlana Krupin.

well-known 54 - the summer dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureev, according to its friends, has endured one of these days sharp deterioration of a condition and has been compelled to resort in clinic to the help of the volume ventilator. Now Nureev with unprecedented courage struggles for the health in Moscow suburbs as fresh air " is necessary for it;. In May of this year Nureev was in the fine physical form about what its quarrel with the young dancer whom Nureev has knocked down strong blow speaks. For this offence after recover Nureev should appear before court.

the fifteenth anniversary of tragical death of Alexander Galicha will be noted today in the House of composers by book presentation a good and harm Spell which tells about creativity and destiny of the poet. In the collection which has been let out by publishing house Progress analytical articles and the essays written during lifetime of Galich, and also the materials specially prepared for this edition have entered. Among authors of the book - known writers, scientific, legal experts, the literary critics connected with the poet by destiny and edinomysliem. Among them Andrey Saharov and Elena Bonner, Victor Nekrasov and Andrey Sinjavsky, Raisa Orlova and Lev Kopelev.

the Russian couturier Valentine Yudashkin intends on December, 21st will go to Paris on traditional Weeks Haute Couture . Along with legislators of a world fashion and known French fashion designers Yudashkin will present the next collection of clothes. Under not confirmed data, the financial problems which have arisen at " can complicate departure; Salon of fashions of Valentine Yudashkin : for this trip it is necessary for fashion designer to find missing $250 thousand However, to experts have not given in Salon corresponding explanations, having referred to Yudashkin`s feeling sick and compelled in this connection absence of the fashion designer on a workplace.