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The exhibition of audio equipment Νigh End

chooses Old generation of the Soviet leaders Restek

Yesterday at an exhibition of a unique audio equipment, which in hotel “ Balchug - Kempinski “ the firm " spends; Esoterics “ there was especially big flow of enthusiastic visitors. And only correspondent IGOR PITCHUGIN tested easy grief because this sort of exhibition first in Russia and its reportings on it come to an end.

I have spent Yesterday in a room with an audiocomplex of the well-known manufacturer of technics High End most, perhaps, German firm Restek. Its owner Wolfgang Gronau (Wolfgang Gronau) and organizers of an exhibition again and again told all coming into a room that three years ago during visit of the president of the USSR to Germany the president of Germany the background of Vajtszekker has presented to Michael Sergeevichu just the same audiosystem. After that firm Restek equipment found the debt to get presidents of some former Soviet republics (in particular, g - n Nazarbayev) and other representatives of the Soviet elite.
it is especially good, on - to mine, equipment Restek reproduces an organ music: after Bach toccata re a minor representatives of firm gramzapisi S - N - Ci Records (Center Stasa Namina) could not be kept from an applause. G - n Gronau has told that its firm has, strangely enough, the big success even in China, which “ has opened “ for itself all couple of years back. “ And people correctly do that buy very expensive, but perfect equipment, - has told g - n Gronau. - Money should be put only in true and then expenses find sense “. In conversation to which our old acquaintance was connected, the British journalist Dan Hjuston, has been mentioned “ the patient “ For manufacturers of equipment High End a question on Japanese novelties - DCC, ΜiniDisk and others. The fashion and a growing demand for them, curtailment of production in the West vinyl records have led to decrease in attention of buyers to equipment High End. It forces manufacturers of unique equipment to do digital players, as much as possible improving quality of their sounding. However g - n Gronau has angrily noticed that all these fashionable innovations never become “ original High End “. And Dan has told that when it communicated with Japanese manufacturers and developers of new digital technics it was found out that at home, “ as a hobby “ they prefer to listen to records from vinyl records on analogue players.
an unexpected and pleasant exhibition for organizers there was a meeting with the manager of the Russian joint-stock company “ the Phaeton “ Sergey Larin and designer Vladimir Barankovym whom, having appreciated technics, have declared that lamp amplifiers their firm does not worse. Also have there and then confirmed the words with the official expert judgement of firm gramzapisi “ the Melody “.
Organizers of an exhibition consider that the purpose have reached - interest to an exhibition was great. And g - n Huber (Stefan Huber), the representative of the partner “ Esoterics “ - the Austrian firm Huber und Prohaska, looks at prospects of the business in Russia as he has told, with confident optimism.
it is impossible to describe all technics presented at an exhibition, yes it and is not necessary, as “ Esoterics “ transfers all exposition to constantly operating show room.

phone of a show room of firm “ Esoterics “: (095 214 - 61 - 13.